Swedish Opposition Leader Used “Turd Sign” to Describe Trump


These anti-Trumpers remind me of petulant children. This woman is not worthy of leading a country.


Center-right opposition leader Anna Kinberg Batra, the likely next Prime Minister of Sweden, chose a picture of a pile of excrement to describe her feelings toward U.S. president-elect Donald Trump during a television interview, Expressen reports.

“Now, some may say that this is not very statesmanlike, but there are reasons to be worried about the consequences for international relations if a populist [should become President]”, Kinberg Batra told the baffled TV4 reporter in July, as she was waving the “turd sign”.

“When I was asked to choose between a heart and a turd, Donald Trump made me worried about how he would lead the United States in a troubled world”, she explained.

Anna Kinberg Batra, who is the chair of the Moderate Party and assumed to become the next Prime Minister of Sweden in 2018, was then asked if she would not have to regret giving Donald Trump the ”turd sign” should he be elected President.

“In that case, I would have to take that sign down”, she replied.

stupid gif blonde

Don’t worry folks. If the Donald has any dealings with Batra, he’ll make her eat a turd.

10 thoughts on “Swedish Opposition Leader Used “Turd Sign” to Describe Trump

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  2. “All Liars are consigned to the lake of burning sul-phur” (forever) :

    “we can tell a j.e.w. (just evil wicked) by its fruit or behavior, right?

    #1 trait of all j.e.w.s. (just evil without Spirit) is they are ANTI-SEMITES (ANTI-ALL-WHITE-PEOPLE). Duh!!!

    “Shem, a Pure 100% White Man”, not a Deut 23:2 “race-mixed negroid, mao-tse-dung, beth-Togarmah accursed or j.e.w.”, duh!!!

  3. is that a transjohnkerry?
    look at the jawline.

    Imagine having to imagine rattling that!!!!???
    I did.
    You shouldn’t.

    A more apropos use of the sign would be
    matching it to the faces of their new guest’s as a preliminary to An Augean stables cleanup.
    Go and get Gordian knotted!

    Call the think tank Vlad Tepes Solution’s iNC.

    no job too small.

  4. Hitler could not have fought WWII for 6 years without a constant supply of iron ore from Neutral Sweden.
    Sweden did well out of WWII as did Switzerland. Both countries cashed in and never fired a shot or lost a man. Spain made out OK also.

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