Black Veteran Berated, Insulted by Chili’s Restaurant on Veteran’s Day

ernest walker

I support the black man in this instance. Leave a comment if you think I’m wrong.

CBS Local Dallas Fort Worth

CEDAR HILL (CBSDFW.COM) – It was supposed to be a promotion to honor military service, but now a restaurant is under fire after a local veteran said he was humiliated.

Angry protestors gathered outside the restaurant was hardly what the Cedar Hill Chili’s expected after offering complimentary meals to veterans in honor of Veterans Day Friday.

Supporters of U.S. Army veteran Ernest Walker expressed outrage after watching a video he posted on YouTube of a manager taking back his meal.

“This overzealous manager comes out, and instead of talking to me man-to-man, he treated me as if I was a black man stealing a meal. Honestly, that’s what it looked like,” Walker said.

Earlier he was seated at a table with his service dog when Walker says an elderly customer approached him and asked about his service.

“‘They didn’t let you blacks over in World War II,’ That’s exactly what he said to me, but this guy is 70-some years old,” Walker recalled.

The man left and walked toward the back of the restaurant. Soon, a manager came to Walker’s table.

“And he said, ‘Sir, we have guests that say that you are not a military veteran.’ I said, ‘excuse me?’” Walker said

That’s when Walker said he showed the manager his military identification and his discharge papers he brought specifically in case someone asked for proof of his service.

“He should have said, ‘thank you for your service; I’m sorry, and I go.’ Instead of him saying that, he says to me, ‘well he says your service dog is not real.’”

Walker said he showed his dog’s certification and began shooting the video on his cell phone as he and the manager argued.

“That manager needs to be either reprimanded or fired,” Walker said.

Management at the restaurant referred to Chili’s parent company, Brinker International. CBS 11 reached out to them and have not heard back.

Chili’s needs to be taken to task for it’s mistake. Better training for managers would be start.

I’m not sure if this manager was motivated by racism or just stupidity. More than likely stupidity.

If segregation were still the social practice, this incident would not have taken place. Blacks would be eating in their restaurants and whites in theirs. I still believe in segregation and the ultimate separation of the races, but as long as that’s not possible, everyone should try his best to get along for now.

By the way, that’s a great looking service dog Mr. Walker has.

19 thoughts on “Black Veteran Berated, Insulted by Chili’s Restaurant on Veteran’s Day

  1. Agree with you Paladin. Disgusting!

    He’s probably a Vietnam veteran. A 70 year old would have been born in 1946 after World War II. Really, now, this manager wasn’t too bright. World War II veterans are so old, most couldn’t make it to Chili’s.

    Poor dog was questioned, too!

  2. Too many dogs in USA restaurants and aboard passenger flights. I am glad I am not a US citizen and nor will I ever travel to the USA again, a decision I made decades ago. I have an anti mud policy where I never visit any country heavily Cooned or browned. Or try not to at least. So for me Paris and London are out. If I am in a restaurant and a dog is allowed in except with a blind person I will leave if not yet served, or otherwise not go back. Also as a free and law abiding person I nave never been fingerprinted. So why should I permit a corrupt country like the USA to have a copy of my fingerprints, just so I can be a tourist there, rubbing shoulders with Mexicans and blacks?

    Why does this black man need a “service” dog? PTSD etc? The heebie jeebies? Why not go to this restaurant without the dog? One reason – the restaurant would always be crowded on any day offering free meals to what could be a large number of people. The dog should have to pay to enter the restaurant and take up space while annoying some diners. A private business is not a charity. Unless this dog also is a military veteran.

    It is time the USA stopped starting so many wars of aggression. Then there would be a lot less war damaged veterans to look after. Trump can give people jobs making things competitive on the world market (hard), instead of destroying countries with bombs and missiles (easy).

    • Actually, it’s rare to see a dog on an American airline. If so, they are small enough to fit under your seat. They must stay in their carriers. A few might be in the baggage area, but we don’t see them. It costs owners for a health certificate from the vet and an airline approved dog carrier to board the plane. Not sure most people want that expense. Could cost $150+ for a very small dog. $250 for a large one.

      It’s also rare to see dogs in restaurants. My state has strict laws forbidding animals, except service dogs, in places where food is sold. I think all states forbid dogs around food.

      Service dogs are well trained, don’t bother anyone, and lie at the feet of the military person.

      As for not coming here because of minorities, I agree with that.

      • Louisiana misses his money?!!! Would that be because of Jindal deficit?!!!! Or would he prefer the new Mardi Gras theme song be a country music song by Alan Jackson, and no blacks around at the parades?!!! Then he can come?!!!! Do you all realize how absurd and ridiculous you sound?!!!!

  3. First of all, thanks to military vet Walker and all those others who are similarly situated for their service to my adopted country. Secondly, history has forgotten to the the story of African
    Americans soldiers who were proud to serve a country that did not honor their service. For instance, has Robert ever read the story of the Tuskegee Airman? These brave men many are gone, a few are alive late 90’s fought in a segregated unit and brought down all of the enemies airplanes. These brave men were trained at Tuskegee University one of the traditional African American colleges founded post-slavery due to segregation in higher educational institutions throughout the U.S. I am saying all this to say that those folks who have racist views, chances are you have not broadened your mind to the extent that you can embrace other unlike yourself. You remain small minded with racist views, because that makes you feel secure. Yet, I believe that those who are cramped with racist views actually feel poorly about themselves..and one way to get a rush of feeling good is to try to bring those others. As for your not visiting the U.S or U.K save us the trouble, but guess what the African Diaspora is global, so you may wind up staying home with your small minded views.

    • Amen!!!!! You said it best!!!!! Louisiana has some of the most amalgamated cultural heritage in this country with plenty of black roots.

  4. One thing here. Ok two things.
    Be patient there are three things
    1. The 70 year old could not know much about WWII.
    2. some Negroes were hanged for raping/killing German girls after the WWII ‘ liberation’ of Germany. Only a few token rapists were hanged. Millions of German gals, young and old, were raped by the ‘ liberaters’
    3. There should never have been a Negro brought to America. But, what the neck, no mistreatment! Give him his chili and do it cheerfully!
    Ok, do not be angry, there is Four.
    4. I saw an aged Negro hobbling across the small bridge near the small town of______________, USA. His worn clothes and and tattered blanket told me the story…A transient.
    Negro or not, he needs fed. Search your hearts and decide what you think I did 🙂

  5. When I’m done my project today I’m going to attack Chilis for this. I’m still on a roll from my American flag burning twitter rant last night so will relish this. BTW, my TS last night generated some true patriotism. Tweeps posted photos of their family members that died serving our great country. I was truly touched.

  6. Looking at that broke-ass set of ACUs would make me doubt he was ever in the military if I saw him on the street. He’s so far out of regs I’d probably suffer an aneurism. No tan t-shirt, no nape tape, no rank, no “U.S. ARMY” over the left breast, no unit insignia on the left shoulder, no flag on the right shoulder.

  7. Looking at that broke-ass set of ACUs would make me doubt he was ever in the military if I saw him on the street. He’s so far out of regs I’d probably suffer an aneurism. No tan t-shirt, no nape tape, no rank, no “U.S. ARMY” over the left breast, no unit insignia on the left shoulder, no flag on the right shoulder, wrong color deployment patch, et, etc. He literally looks like he bought that getup at a surplus store.

    I understand that he allegedly is a real veteran, but he’s still jacked up. A lot of people, myself included, earned the right to wear that uniform. Wear it correctly and show it some respect or don’t wear it at all.

  8. I think that veteran should get a life time of free meals at Chili’s and the dog 100 cases of dog food, PAID for by Chili’s. What dickheads. And emotional service dogs as are much needed as for the blind and disabled. Unless you’ve been in a war and seen your buddies shot out from under you, shut the fuck up. It used to be called “shell shock.” Changing the name doesn’t change the game.

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