Austrian Grandmother, 72, who was raped by a 17-year-old Muzzie after helping him out of a canal has ‘lost the will to live’


To our friends in Europe, I say that it is stories such as this one that help explain why Americans elected Donald Trump to the presidency.

We expect him to stop this nonsense. You should elect leaders who will also stop the bullsh*tting about diversity and multiculturalism and return your country’s people to safety.

Daily Mail

A 72-year-old woman who was raped by a teenage migrant has the ‘lost the will to live’ a few months before her attacker is due to be released from jail in Austria.

The woman is reportedly fighting for her life in the intensive care ward at her local hospital after she stopped eating and is now only being kept alive by machines.

Her daughter, who until the tragedy was a refugee aid worker, said: ‘I knew it would eventually end like this.’

The pensioner was attacked on 1 September 2015 by a 17-year-old asylum seeker from Afghanistan when she offered him her hand to pull him out of a canal where he was swimming.

When the case went to court in January this year, the teen, identified as Wahab M., was given a 20-month jail sentence.

He will not be deported when he is released because the punishment is not more than three years.

Vesely said: ‘She is not the same woman anymore. She doesn’t trust being left on her own and does not leave home, and she’s become very weak since the incident.’

Her daughter said: ‘She is experiencing a terrible end, when I look at her, her eyes are completely empty, her body is now just skin and bone. I knew it would end like this, she lost the will to live afterwards.’

The elderly unidentified woman was walking her 13 year old small dog, who was unable to protect her. There is no mention in the story of whether they harmed her beloved canine companion.

Hillary Clinton would welcome this piece of sh*t to America. Thank God she’s gone (unless the witch rises from the dead.)

cowboys and muslims

Too many Muslims are subhuman filth who must be hunted down with righteous anger. This story should outrage every decent person in Europe and America. It should not stand. A new ending must be written, else this will be every white woman’s fate.

7 thoughts on “Austrian Grandmother, 72, who was raped by a 17-year-old Muzzie after helping him out of a canal has ‘lost the will to live’

  1. If her daughter worked in a refugee center and she went to aid a supposed “teen”(though i highly doubt it is) i think she was a liberal that voted for merkel. So she kinda did it to herself. Still sad to hear, but i doubt she had any kind of race realism about her. Probably still thinks that even german teens would do the same thing.


    If it was a german teen that did the rape, which most likely would NEVER have happened, he would have gotten several years at the least.

    And then not even deporting the bastard? No wonder muzzies are a problem when you are actively encouraging them to do crimes by not punishing them as much as your local population. You are basically telling them that they are priviledged.

  2. Not sure why she helped him when he was swimming. Stupid move! While this incident makes me very angry, there’s not much women can do now as long as they have no satisfactory recourse like throwing all of them out of the country. So, they need to protect themselves by not getting near these vermin.

  3. mudslimes aka sephardic devils (j.e.w.s., that is) are mentioned mainly in Matt 25:41, and they know they have no hope, per Enoch 12ff, where the Elohim tells them all: “you will never be forgiven, nor will you find peace, ever!!!”

  4. No good deed goes unpunished. Corollary, no crime by a Muslim against a white is adequately punished.

    “Her daughter, who until the tragedy was a refugee aid worker, said: ‘I knew it would eventually end like this.”

    The old lady is probably doing this as a protest against her Govt and especially her own traitor of a daughter.

    The old woman was a fool to help the Muslim even if he was drowning. This is not really relevant as he could have raped her even if she did not put out her hand to him.
    A zebra would be a fool to help a drowning lion. Should a sheep help a wolf who is in trouble in the water, a canal maybe? Afghans are about the worst people in the world, bar none except maybe gypsies. Even though they have fairly white skin. Their country has been racked by war for centuries and all the good Afghans died long ago.

    As for what the West will look like in the year 2100, or even 3000, I will say now for future archaeologists (intelligent aliens maybe)….
    ” ‘I knew it would eventually end like this.”

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