Video: Negro Mom Kicks Young Child Out of House for Supporting Trump

Somebody needs to come under investigation for child abuse.

Published on Nov 11, 2016

Mother kicks her young child out for voting Trump in school
Mom Kicks Out Kid From Home For “Voting” Trump
“Mom” Kicks Sobbing Child Out of the House Because He Voted Trump
VIDEO: Mother Kicks Kid Out Of House For Voting For Trump

‘My mother kicked me out because I voted for Donald Trump’: Mom makes her young son pack a suitcase and leave after he opted for The Donald in a mock election at school

The effects of a Donald Trump victory have been devastating for millions of Americans, even for small children who have no idea what in the world is going on in their country.

A shocking video that emerged on Friday, shows how horrifying those effects are becoming,when a Texas mother kicked her young son out of their home after he ‘voted’ for Trump in a mock election at school, according to TMZ.

The child screamed in horror as his mother showed him the door, where she left a small suitcase packed with all of his belongings.

‘Since you voted for Donald Trump. You can get your sh** and get out,’ his mother told him as they stood in front of their door.
As the child started crying and pleading with his mother, she told him to take his sign.
‘So when the people see you outside, they know why you’re standing out there,’ she yells.

The child then sits on the floor as she held up a cardboard sign waiting for him to take it.

As the horrified child takes the sign, she directs him to the door.
‘You wanna vote for him, I’m going to show ya,’ she says as she unlocks their door.

She is heard saying: ‘Get your suitcase and get out! We don’t do Donald Trump here.’

The mother then slams the door after forcing the crying child outside.

In the video, the child is seen pulling the suitcase as he walks past their driveway and stands on the sidewalk holding his sign.

‘Bye Donald Trump lover,’ the mother says.

The child responds: ‘But I got school tomorrow.’

His mother replies: ‘Well you should have thought about that.’

As the little boy stood on the sidewalk, his mother asked: ‘Why did you vote for him at school?’

The child said: ‘Because I see him on TV a lot.’

She then walks away and tells the child he can’t come home as his little brother starts to cry and yells that he wants his brother.

The liberal mindset really has gone nuts! This young kid voted for then-GOP nominee Donald Trump in a school election and his mom found out. She then proceeded to kick him out of the house to make a point. The also filmed it and it has gone viral on Facebook and Twitter.

Texas mother kicked son out house for voting for Donald Trump at school

The shocking video shows little boy begging mother not to kick him out

She packed his suitcase, made him a sign and told him to get out

The child said he voted for Trump because he ‘saw him on TV a lot’

Student Voted For Trump In School Election; Mom Kicks Him Out Of House

3 thoughts on “Video: Negro Mom Kicks Young Child Out of House for Supporting Trump

  1. I suppose this must have happened before the election. The kid is a winner and the mother should be proud of him.

    “The child said he voted for Trump because he ‘saw him on TV a lot’”. Out of the mouths of babes, comes the truth.

    This tends to support the idea that the media actually wanted Trump to win. All that anti Trump publicity was nonetheless free publicity for Trump. A lot of the “bad news” was actually trolling by Trump! This was confirmed on that Trump Troll video posted here yesterday. A woman stated that she destroyed her copy of a video she and Trump made 25 years ago and the only other person with one was Trump. Yet somehow the media got this “anti Trump” video in their possession.

    I am pretty sure that all huge corporations hire psychologists just to analyse the minds and wishes of their customers, and how to sway those customer minds. Advertising is the most obvious industry to do this but the media (and politics) would come second. The media knew what they were doing this year with the US election. They are not that dumb. The same people got Hitler elected in 1933, for hidden reasons such as the creation of the State of Israel, and the spread of Soviet Communism throughout Europe. Those 1933 days Jews had a stranglehold on most German newspapers and almost all aspects of German economy.

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