Site Announcement: Wifi Outage


Tonight I’ve been posting in the chill night air outside on the patio of the public library. It’ll soon be time to go, so this is an opportune moment to note that I won’t be able to respond to comments or approve comments until Sunday afternoon at the earliest. If the wifi can be fixed on Monday, things will get back to normal.

3 thoughts on “Site Announcement: Wifi Outage

  1. You are an inspiration to us all, PJ. Even in your distress as a homeless person, you show your natural inclination to seek knowledge and be amongst the works of great men. Only an intelligent man would seek the comfort of a library. Or at least the patio, if his attire and condition kept him in an unseemly state. Ostracize by unkind folk, who don’t understand, perhaps. But, we understand; we know you to be an academician. And we, as you, are realists in this world of uncertainties; think of the ‘Titanic”.
    An ordinary drop-out would have hit the park bench or a shop door way. But, not you, great man! You go to where the light shines in the darkness. This is your gift. A wonder to behold, and we behold it, wonderingly.
    Maybe, the librarian will let you in if you promise to stay aloof, as it were?
    Anyhooo, we’ll be thinking of you as we snuggle under our woolly blankets, keeping you cozy with our warm thoughts. Sending you thoughts of chocolate cakes; Night night.

  2. Paladin:
    More and more people are becoming “red-pilled” due to your efforts in bringing truth and common sense to the table … much appreciated.


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