Orthodox Jews In NYC Overwhelmingly Voted TRUMP

hasidic jews nyc

Here’s a little food for thought about Jews. Make of this story what you will. All I can say is that anyone who supports Donald Trump is at this point an ally. That may change later.

Jewish Forward

Orthodox and Russian Jewish neighborhoods in New York City came out strong for Donald Trump on Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton carried New York City by a wide margin, and only 24% of Jews nationwide voted for Trump.

But in Jewish Brooklyn, Trump appears to have connected with a conservative electorate willing to buck its communal and political leadership.

Maps of the voting results paint a stark picture: Nearly every election district that Trump won in Brooklyn was in a Jewish neighborhood.

That’s despite Clinton endorsements from local Jewish elected officials, and endorsements from the leadership of Williamsburg’s Satmar Hasidic groups.

“Orthodox people have conservative leanings,” said Samuel Stern, a Williamsburg community activist with close ties to the leadership of the Satmar Zali Hasidic group. “You can compare them to Rust Belt voters. They are hardworking people, not college educated.”

Another Hasidic activist in Williamsburg, who asked not to be named, agreed. “The appeal for the middle working class has resonated with a lot of Hasidim, who feel in the same category,” he said.

The Hasidic portions of Williamsburg, Boro Park, and Crown Heights voted for Trump. So did the Orthodox neighborhoods of Midwood and Mill Basin, and Russian Jewish Brighton Beach. Those same neighborhoods also favored Romney in 2008.

“What I have always said is that leadership only goes so far,” said David Pollock, associate executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York. “A leader doesn’t always say vote this way and therefore they’ll vote that way.”

In Boro Park, Moshe Friedman, the publisher of the Jewish political website JPupdates.com, said that he saw excitement over Trump’s victory. Friedman, whose website endorsed Clinton, said that Hasidim were angry that Trump had been labeled an anti-Semite.

“Maybe they don’t understand that [George] Soros and [Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet] Yellen are Jewish,” Friedman said, referring to an advertisement Trump’s campaign aired last weekend that was widely described as anti-Semitic.

The Flatbush Jewish Journal, a local Jewish paper based in Flatbush, Brooklyn, ran a photo on its cover on Thursdays of the White House with a Trump logo affixed to the portico. Above the the image, the paper ran a line from the Unetane Tokef, the prayer recited on the High Holidays: “Who shall be humbled, and who shall be exalted?”

14 thoughts on “Orthodox Jews In NYC Overwhelmingly Voted TRUMP

  1. This, for me, is an example of the difference between Jews and Zionists. Zionists claim that anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are the same thing, and their increasing efforts to get anti-Zionism recognised as ‘hate crime’ should be opposed because there IS a difference. As far as I am concerned, anyone can worship whoever they want to as long as their beliefs and actions do not impinge on my freedom.
    Jews seem, in general, able to integrate and get along with people (Israel/Palestine is far to complex to get into here!) but Zionists just want control. Of everything. That does impinge on my freedom, and I don’t like that, so I guess I must be an anti-Zionist!

    • Zionism is about the nationionalist right for Jews to our own, ONE Jewish homeland which was Jewish ruled for a millennia before Christ or Mohamed.

      The Jewish Bible (Old Testament to you) says Israel is Jewish so if you hate the Jew’s right to a Jewish homeland you hate Judaism.

      (Jerusalem is not mentioned once in the koran).

      Zionism has NOTHING to do with controlling your mind, your bank, or anyone or anything EXCEPT the Land of Israel.

      There are FIFTY muslim nations.

      One nation is for the Jews.



      And if you are against THAT, then you are an “antisemite”.

  2. Matthew 23:35 “you j.e.w.s. (devils / doers of all evil) are guilty of all murders, ever…including murdering Me, Christ tells Us All”.

    HAVING SUCH VOTING FOR YOU, IS IT A “GOOD” THING, OR IS IT PROOF OF WHAT’S ETERNALLY NEXT FOR SUCH, NAMELY, REV 14:11 “the smoke of their torment will ascend upwards, forever and ever, and they will have no rest, day nor night, forever and ever, they which worship the beast (satan and all of the other devils) and its image, which have taken the mark of its name on themselves”??? (speaking of orthodox and other just eternally wickeds). Be Ready, All, 24/7!!!

  3. “They are hardworking people, not college educated.”
    This is a hint about all people not just Jews, that hard working people have not been to college. There may be a lot of truth to this. Universities and colleges are “shiny bum” factories. In Australia a “shiny bum” is an office worker who polishes the backside of his pants while real people, such as tradesmen, do real work, often the dirty and hard work. The shiny backsides are visible not just theoretical. I am not sure if modern materials still create this distinctive look.

    One thing that the MSM suppresses about many of these Jews is that they protest on the NY streets in their thousands saying that the State of Israel should not exist at all. These Jews say that their holy writings forbid Jews from ever directly running any country including Israel.

    • The Orthodox Jews who protest against Israel are a tiny sect and at most dozens or a hundred come out in the streets. Their argument is religious not political.

  4. I have been to school and I am hardworking. Sorry, but I do not give “props” to the Orthodox Jews so easily. Many pop out oodles of kids and live on welfare.

    Puh-lease. Poopaganda

  5. The Juden always ask themselves one question before they make an important decision such as was this election: “Is it good for the Jews?” I guess that some of them who experienced life in New York City under an Obama presidential administration and a de Blasio mayoralty asked themselves the question and concluded that evil YT Donald Trump was the correct answer. Blind squirrels and all that.

  6. Here are a few Jewish comments on this subject posted on Breitbart.

    “How come no one ever polls me or my family! We are Jews and we ALL voted for Trump!!!
    Plus my Jewish friends voted Trump!
    That was 27 votes dammit!
    As for the Jews that voted for that woman… they are idiots..pathetic self hating idiots!!!
    Anyhow…just thought I would get that out of my system!!

    “Maybe these polls are wrong? I’m Jewish and my husband and I voted for Trump. I am not interested in death. Most everyone I know voted for Trump and some of them are Jewish. Even this Jewish Rabbi predicted Trump’s presidency. http://www.wnd.com/2016/11/rab…”

    “Trump is closest to what the Founding Fathers envisioned for a president. Hillary is what they feared. She’s a true opportunist; out for herself alone, and has no empathy. A true statist. She’s the wicked witch of the left.”

    “Bagels and lox Jews still pretending they’re living in a shtetl; “woe is me”. This stupid blind refusal to acknowledge that the true friends are Christians in the Republican party and not the Democrats, who’ve become (or always were) the party of slavery, racism, eugenics, the party of a few powerful elitists vs the people. The Democrat party is the counter-American Revolution.

    Let’s not forget the Dems took God out of their platform, that support importing moslems, that seek to remove religion from public life, that destroy families through dependency, that make life hard through regulation of every day life.

    Anyway….that’s one of the reasons I don’t go to synagogue anymore. Too many have been taken over by insufferable leftists.”

    “I drive a German car because of engineering and performance excellence. 2. I don’t vote Democrap.”

    “We call it Jewicidal and I’m Jewish. I voted for Trump.”

    Very interesting comments between Jews and Whites.


    • ““I drive a German car because of engineering and performance excellence.”
      Even in the 1960s almost all Jews in Sydney that I saw drove Mercedes and BMW cars, which were very expensive due to import tariffs. They had no hard feelings against Germany at all and loved showing off their wealth and status and many f them lived in Sydneys most expensive suburb. Funny they had new money made so quickly after Hitler “stole all their money” and “killed their families”.
      In contrast, even several decades after WWII many Australian ex servicemen who had fought the Nips refused to ever buy a Japanese car.
      This small vignette may be anecdotal evidence that the Holohoax never happened, else most ex European Jews would never buy a German car. Would you buy a car made in a nation which killed all of your relatives?

      • No, I wouldn’t.

        I won’t ever buy a Japanese car. If everyone knew how they stole our technology, then flooded our country with cheap copies, destroyed our auto and electronics industries, thanks to legislators, maybe Americans wouldn’t buy them.

        I have seen quite a few Jews driving Mercedes Benz and BMW’s, as well. But, some are into Lexus that look very much like MB. Wouldn’t surprise me if Japs are still copying cars. It’s what they do!

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