Inspirational Quote of the Day: How the Oligarchs Gained Control

ezra pound quote

And then along came Donald Trump over 100 years later …

We should be filling out the Trump form and telling him to end the Fed.

Learn more about American political prisoner Ezra Pound at Wikipedia. They put him in a mental hospital for years. Today, they would probably just medicate him to shut him up.

4 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote of the Day: How the Oligarchs Gained Control

  1. At a wild guess the theoretical market value of the private bank known as the Federal Reserve might be as much as 10 trillion dollars. Or much more, due to its power to create unlimited US dollars.
    Why 10 trillion backs?
    Because every year they collect a partial market interest payment of loans of 20 trillion dollars made to the US Government since 1913. WWI and WWII have probably never been paid for and neither has the Vietnam war been paid for, nor the space program, military spending etc.. None of this debt will ever be repaid. But the interest will go on for ever, on money loaned which never existed. The Fed legally creates fake money and lends it at interest to the US govt. Any capital repaid to the Fed is in theory destroyed. The same process happens when private banks issue a mortgage, they also legally create money out of thins air, which is destroyed when the loan is repaid. If not repaid the bank crashes. This Ponzi crookery is known as “Fractional Reserve Banking”.
    Maybe somebody knows what the yearly taxpaper to Fed payment is now, but it must be several hundred billions at least. IRS collects taxpayer money and sends it to the Fed. If interest rates go up, the payment amount might double or even triple to more than one trillion dollars per year this would be at a rate of 5%.

    The Fed is the biggest stand over racket in history, by far.

    Note to Trump. Nationalise the fed without compensation and thus cancel most of the debt and the interest. Only honor authentic bonds bought with real mosey by foreign Govts and investors. Fake money made by (((magicians)) need never be repaid.

  2. The Federal Reserve and the Income Tax, both created in 1913, gave the U.S. the necessary funds to enter WWI which is what the Zionist and wealthy Jude immigrant, Jacob Schiff, demanded. He and the other Juden were miffed that Russia “persecuted” Jews and Russia just so happened to be one of the WWI combatants and oh, by the way, was taken over during the war by the (((Bolsheviks))). All of the rest e.g. destroying the dollar’s value, printing fiat, controlling the U.S. economy, and thus us evil goyim is just gravy.

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