Bernie Sanders’ Statement on Anti-Trump Riots

As far as I know Hillary and Obama have been silent on the nationwide demonstrations, protests, and riots that followed the election of Donald Trump.

Kudos to Senator Sanders who may end up a power player in the Democrat Party following Hillary’s surprise loss. I love his use of the Donald’s “rigged system” term.

Donald Trump initially Tweeted some strong words about the protesters, but someone induced him to issue this stupid Tweet:

The protesters have no passion for America. They hate America. They are, many of them, paid agitators.

3 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders’ Statement on Anti-Trump Riots

  1. “to deal with our rigged political and economic system “. (((Bernie))) ought to know. It is possible to be both a leftist and a Nationalist. This idea was forbidden way back by Lenin and Stalin.
    Most poor whites should be (logically) both Socialist and Nationalist. Trump represents the interests of such people more than Hillary does, and Bernie knows it. Jobs for US citizens should be a high priority, whether the Govt is left or right.
    “Internationalism” is for the few hundred ((((elites))), the aristocrats of the “do gooders” of the left and the crooks of the right such as (((Neoconartists))) and (((free traders))). Most billionaires are Internationalists. Big money hates borders.

  2. defendant: “burn-ie sand-ers” and all of the Rev 2&3:9 & all of their fellows aka fans verdict: guilty forever sentence: eternal lake of fire

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