Portland Police Declare Anti-Trump Protests a Riot

This video captures the rioters’ violence better than words.

As you watch and read, think about this: As of this writing, neither Hillary nor Obama have called upon her supporters to cool it and go home.

Excerpt from the New York Post

A protest turned riot against the election of Donald Trump in downtown Portland escalated late Thursday when officers began pushing the crowd back, arresting people and using flash bangs and some kind of gas to disperse other protesters.

Portland Police on Twitter called the protest an unlawful assembly, saying protesters were throwing objects at police.

After several orders to disperse, police said officers used “less lethal munitions” in order to make arrests and move the crowd. Police, who had said about 4,000 people were participating in demonstrations earlier in the night, estimated about 1,500 people were still marching as of 11 p.m. By midnight, crowds were splintering off, police said.

Police declared the protest a riot after what they called extensive criminal and dangerous behavior.

Some protesters used rocks and baseball bats to smash the windows of businesses and at one point started a dumpster fire as they moved through the city’s Pearl District, a showcase neighborhood and site of many boutiques and art galleries.

At 10 p.m. Thursday, police told protesters who had not returned to Pioneer Courthouse Square that they were under arrest. Police had previously told people who wanted to continue peacefully demonstrating to head back to the square. Media outlets showed at least one woman who appeared handcuffed walking away with officers while other protesters appeared to scatter.

Rioting and protesting provide an adrenaline rush that these fools can only get by engaging in destructive acts of violence. They need to be taught a lesson: PAIN. Inflicted by cops with rubber bullets, water hoses, billy clubs, and police dogs.

George Soros is guilty of organized crime. He’s paying these disloyal anarchist maggots. Trump’s AG should charge Soros under the Rico statutes, strip him of his assets, and imprison him.

Twitter has responded negatively for the most part to #trumpriot.

53 thoughts on “Portland Police Declare Anti-Trump Protests a Riot

  1. i wasn’t going to say anything about this, because i wrongfully gave them the benefit of the doubt, and thought that they’d stop on their own by yesterday; apparently something that they’re humanly incapable of doing, sadly. because now i realized they’re from moveon.org; and besides, basically and obv this is much ado about nothing; lit&fig. the ‘protests’ are abs meaningless, and int make look the us as a 2nd rate 3rd world nation. normal ppl just don’t go around punching folks, blocking roads, burning stuff, and destroying things along their ‘tantrum walks’; do they… and that’s obv because they’re emotional, angry, hateful, violent, selfcentered, propaid staffers, low level thugs, party poopers, sore losers, and wannabe great 60s sucial justice warriors1 their ‘protests’ are nothing more than tone down riots. a bunch of cry babies that can’t get over the fact that they can’t force their candidate to win anyway they can, nor ppl to vote or go their way for any matter, and that they’re wrong in every other ideological aspect, everyway you look at it. because there’s no way to justify or spin this travesty of ‘freedom and democracy’. because it’s only so, if and only if, it goes their own way, obv. yet their lack of empathy is flabbergasting, but expected. after all, they think that the world solely revolves around them, and only they are infallible correct; at least morally, even though is obv the other way around. think about nmp = blm 2.0, in steriods11 they didn’t even allowed anytime for dt’s followers to properly celebrate their deserved victory :shake-head: so how about waiting for dt to actually hold office, or better yet, to in fact do something as prez… this silly shít doesn’t make anysense to me anyhow; but maybe it’s just me… must be a stupid leftard thing, obv. however, i must admit that they do have half a point in the popular vote ‘win’; but that can be easily counter in the fact that losing was their fault, and their strategy was flawed from the start. also billary was put in that position willingly. they all accepted to play by the rules established in the const. and furthermore, the reverse has also happened to repz in the past, but you don’t see them making a big fuss about it; again, i wonder why..:roll-eyes: so if you don’t like it just simply gtfo the country, or secess your fcking state altogether111 it stops being the great ramerica the moment you start questioning the result of the election; dir or indirectly; without evidential base1111 you obv don’t have to like the result, privately; but pub, you do have to accept it, period. and in fact, these ppl making a ruckus should be the first ones to be deported anyhow11111 so you’re just not going to guilt trip us anymore into ‘it’s our fault’, or the ‘be understanding’ to minorities card. nobody believes those lies anymore; we no longer have to. so be warned, it’s yourselves the ones creating the conflict; don’t msmcry when we rightly put you in your place… fcking clintonoidz111111 &finally and btw, dt shouldn’t have to use his ‘shitter’ account to respond to anything ‘presidential’ or ‘conciliatory’ now that he’s prez. i assume he will from time to time like in campaign; because the potus one hasn’t been given to him too, has it…

    &ps; i forgot these ‘what does it matter’ now links, that make a nice validic complement to my prev remz…


  2. Not very tolerant of democracy.

    If Hillary and Obama fail to act and denounce the riot and someone gets killed. Then Donald should launch a tirade against them.


      • Just paste the url of the image into the comment…. eg

        You can view the url of the image above by using your right mouse button. It begins with https


        I have left the https off, here, so the image doesn’t show.

        So replacing ***** with https brings up the image.

        I wasn’t ignoring you D. I have only just returned to my computer.

        Best of luck posting.

    • Haha, ain’t this true! Rather weird that they don’t have anything against islam which is 10 times worse than christianity :p

  3. T e r r o r i s m – Noun

    “The unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.”

    Oxford English Dictionary.

      • Perhaps I’m choosing the wrong format. For example, the military cemetery I had already tweeted so clicked on photo there to get hyperlink.

      • I actually fell asleep late today (NEVER take naps). Had such a headache from the frustration of trying to “fix” Twitter so that I’m not assaulted by the graphic images. I like Twitter as a social media venue to get exposure for my K9 and other animal petitions; I just cannot tolerate the animal images. I prefer to add texts to photos and people can use their imagination. Plus I was annoyed that Pence is replacing Christie as head of transition team. I’m hoping that means Trump has something else in mind for CC.

      • Christie may have too much of the taint of corruption about him. I think he would be great as the on the ground supervisor making sure the wall gets built well, quickly, and within budget. He or Giuliana may be the choice for AG. Christie is a tough guy. No use wasting his toughness in a namby pamby kind of job.

      • I like loose cannons. I’ve posted a couple of pieces on Lepage. At least he won’t cooperate with the Feds in flooding Maine with those parasites that Obama loves so much.

      • D, afternoon naps are good for us oldsters. I always set my alarm on mobile phone for any nap after midday. Sleep too long and you will wreck your nighttime sleep.
        Here is another attempt to embed a video……

  4. I work a second job as a swing shift security guard at an animal hospital in portland. This riot crap took place about 8 blocks away from me. The news is doing a good job blowing it out of proportion. There’s a handful of folks that use it as an excuse to cause mischief. The rest are just a bunch of babies. Only reason they get away with any of it is because the cops keep folks like me from handling it ourselves

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