Obama’s Final Destructive Act: He Pardons Hillary

hillary found guilty

Is Hillary Clinton too big to jail? Would Obama’s life be in danger from Clinton revenge if he did not pardon her on his last day in office?

I think Obama will pardon Hillary, but in doing so he risks making President Trump’s resolve to undo Obama’s legacy all that much stronger.

He also risks adding to Michelle Obama’s burden when she runs for president in 2020.

Daily Mail

The White House opened the door on Wednesday to a pardon for Hillary Clinton for crimes she may have committed in connection with her secret server.

Press Secretary Josh Earnest deflected a question about President-elect Donald Trump’s intent to appoint a special prosecutor to review Clinton’s emails by saying that the White House doesn’t announce pardons before they’re doled out.

‘The president has offered clemency to a substantial number of Americans who were previously serving time in federal prisons. And we didn’t talk in advance about the president’s plans to offer clemency to any of those individuals,’ he said.

Earnest added, ‘That’s because we don’t talk about the president’s thinking, particularly with respect to any specific cases that may apply to pardons or commutations.’

For over a year, Clinton had been embroiled in a FBI investigation into her private email server, but the investigation was closed for a second time just earlier this week.

Obama could pardon her whether she asks for it or not.

Coming up with a pardon that would cover all of the various charges Trump’s administration could throw at her could prove difficult, legal experts told Politico.

The clemency declaration would have to be worded such that it protects her from prosecution for potential violations tied to the Clinton Foundation.

A dismissal of potential crimes that wide-reaching would leave a mark on Obama’s reputation.

Back in 1974, President Gerald Ford pardoned his predecessor to the White House, Richard Nixon.

Ford did it for any crimes that Nixon may have committed against the country while he served as president.

At the time, he justified his decision by claiming that an extensive trial would have further polarized the country.

Clinton’s husband’s departure from the White House was overshadowed when he granted Marc Rich, a fugitive at the time, clemency on his last day in office.

Rich’s ex-wife made a large donation to the Clinton Library and was a high-dollar Democratic donor.

In recent months, Republicans have alleged that the senator violated the law, and are pushing to put her behind bars.

Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie, two of Trump’s possible picks for attorney general, have openly advocated for a re-do.

Now that the Clinton’s influence has been destroyed, perhaps Obama will repay Hillary’s stain on his administration by withholding that pardon. On the other hand, maybe he’ll also pardon himself.


13 thoughts on “Obama’s Final Destructive Act: He Pardons Hillary

    • Shockingly, they are serious. She’s the Democrat to beat in 2020. By the way, I don’t have a post on it yet, but Chelsea Clinton (really Webb Hubbell’s daughter) is going to run for Congress. It won’t be long before she runs for President too. She’s dumb as a dog turd, but the Clintons never give up.

    • I have done research and they are DEAD serious about running America’s first trannie for white house squatter in 2020. From what I have read they are already preparing he/she/it. Also kanye west is planning on running in 2020; he’s been saying that since barry soetoro’s first term and from what I have read he is serious. The new amerikkka is stupid enough to vote for a nigger trannie and/or a nigger crapper….after all you don’t want to be called a rayciss, do you? 😦

  1. “Clinton’s husband’s departure from the White House was overshadowed when he granted Marc Rich, a fugitive at the time, clemency on his last day in office.”
    (((Marc Rich))) crook, illegal arms trader, and metals market manipulator. Bad egg. The Clintons love a Jew like that billionaire.

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