Link Offers YOU A Chance to Tell President-Elect Trump YOUR STORY


LINK: Go Here to to Tell President-Elect Donald Trump Your Story

The link above has been active about a day now. Team Trump wants to hear from you. You’re limited to the space in the box and no more.

I told Trump to avoid appointing any establishment types in his administration. From what I heard on the radio, he’s already picked his man to move the EPA away from its hostility toward business. I’ll look that up and blog the story if I find it.

I’m going back to the page and tell Trump to develop a policy to avoid killing urban and other American wildlife. Give the animals their lives back, like the NYC coyote family killed by USDA that I blogged yesterday. Make saving African wildlife a priority too.

To be taken seriously and help the cause, don’t write disrespectful things.

Things I might be writing in future messages:

Tell the people the truth about 9/11.

Tell the truth about UFOs.

Invite Henry Makow and other honest researchers to a White House Truth Conference.

Open the archives of the Kennedy assassination.

Prosecute all criminals. No more too big to jail.

No more bankster too big to fail policies.

Ann Coulter’s 10-year moratorium on ALL immigration.

Tell Trump you’ll be praying for him.

What would YOU like to tell our new leader?

19 thoughts on “Link Offers YOU A Chance to Tell President-Elect Trump YOUR STORY

  1. I already wrote asking that he implement laws to protect urban animals which would would be a huge step in MAGA (didn’t use initials but my fingers are tired). I also asked him to initiate an investigation into the Port Authority and the way they have circumventing the current system and inhumanely killing animals/birds when they are not a threat or more humane options are available (they killed over 20k birds etc in 2012-2013 alone). Mayor Bill de Blasio just launched WildlifeNYC on Oct 21 and had assured New Yorker’s that the coyote family would be safe. The site is NOT user friendly in that you can’t hit return to begin a new paragraph but it’s minor. I don’t really care.

    • I found it limited me to the size of the box. I made every word count. I’m going back over the coming days, as noted in the post. Thanks for all your efforts on behalf of the animals. There’s a special place in Heaven just for you.

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  3. Of course my preamble was how I’m a former NYC/NJ resident, always admired him because of his integrity then added how I switched parties to vote for him. Then I launched into the coyote massacre and gave reputable links to support my comments. Subtly appealed to the NYer in him by reminding g him of the statue in the Bronx dedicated to Major, a female coyote killed in 1995 while crossing the Major Deegan Expressway. She was first coyote spotted in nearly 50 years. I have photos of it but can’t post them her. Article though:

      • I haven’t really been on Twitter. I schedule my tweets and in honor of ask veterans, have one going out every hour. Either a video or picture aacconpanied by a quote or a few words. I pay tribute to human and canine vets from all wars, including Sallie from the Civil War. I have to go into Twitter on my laptop and configure the settings because I cannot see the endless photos of Yulin dogs etc

  4. Dear President Elect Trump ~ As a former NY/NJ resident I have been a supporter of yours for many years because in my opinion you are a man of your word, a man of integrity. I was a registered Democrat who switched so that I could vote for you and was ecstatic when you won. I am now writing to appeal to you as my future president as well as a native New Yorker. In a time span of two years, 2012-2013, the Port Authority has killed 20,000 animals, some of which were on the endangered or threatened list.
    A pack of coyotes have been living in Queens near Laguardia since late spring 2016: Frank Vincente of has been monitoring the coyotes which included several adults and a litter of pups.
    Coyotes have coexisted with man in NYC for over 20 years.
    On October 21, 2016, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the launch of WildlifeNYC, a citywide education and awareness campaign dedicated to teaching New Yorkers how to live safely and responsibly alongside wild animals including deer, raccoons, and coyotes.
    Mayor de Blasio’s administration has worked to ensure that humans and coyotes can coexist in New York City however the Port Authority apparently felt this wasn’t possible. They turned to the USDA and during the night of November 8, USDA Wildlife Services killed the entire coyote pack. Despite various groups working diligently to have the coyotes humanely relocated the Port Authoriry, without attempting a more human TNR, enlisted the USDA to kill them.. I use this word because there was nothing humane about their deaths; it was not euthanasia as their howls and screams were heard for hours. Earth does not “belong” to man alone as we share it with hundreds of other species. I ask that as part of “Making America Great Again” you implement laws that would protect urban animals. I also ask that an investigation into the inhumane execution of the coyote pack be launched because too many animals have died by the hand of the Port Authority, animals that have lived among humans for centuries.
    I truly believe that this action will be a step in Making America Great Again.

    “The question is not, ‘Can they reason?’ nor, ‘Can they talk?’ but rather, ‘Can they suffer?’ ~ Jeremy Bentham

  5. Word out is Trump no longer plans to deport all of the illegals as reported by Representative Chris Collins. Legalization is evident!

    “As for the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the country, Rep. Chris Collins of New York, one of Trump’s earliest backers, said deporting them is not part of the plan and that after the border is secure and the “criminal element” is removed, Collins predicts some sort of legalization for the undocumented.”

    We must bombard Trump with protests!

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