11-Yr-Old Boy Attacked at School and Put in Crutches for Voting Trump in Mock School Election


Given that the violence reported below took place in Houston, Texas, I will assume that the attackers were Mexicans until proved otherwise.

If they are Mexicans they should be prosecuted for a hate crime. A temporary suspension from school is not sufficient punishment.

Fox26 Houston

STAFFORD, Texas (FOX 26) – A student at Stafford Elementary is recovering Wednesday after being beaten by several of his classmates.

He says it was during a mock election when the class was asked, “Who voted for Donald Trump?”

The student’s name was protected by request of his parents. But he told us the classroom did have a teacher present. He said when he was on the ground, it “felt like it was forever”.

“We have not really gotten a clear explanation of how long this went on and why did it take so long for it to be stopped?” said his father Buddy Lemmon.

The Lemmons said they received a call from the principal of the school immediately after the incident.

“I took him to the hospital, we went and made a statement to the police officers, and then I took him to the emergency room so he could get some x-rays done.”

Lemmon said her son has deep bruises throughout his body. After speaking with Stafford MSD, they gave us a statement that says:

The Stafford Municipal School District is investigating an altercation that took place on its Intermediate School campus on Wednesday morning. The students allegedly involved in the altercation have been suspended, pending an investigation.Upon completion of the investigation, consequences will be applied in line with the District’s Code of Conduct.The Stafford Municipal School District works diligently to ensure a safe environment for all students and staff and will not tolerate aggression of any kind.

“I know we’ve been very opinionated on this election, but I’ve never said anything to the point where I would incite violence,” said Buddy Lemmon. “My son doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.”

The Lemmon’s said they have pressed charges against the students involved in the incident. They added that they hope their story encourages parents to speak to their children on how to be compassionate and accepting to those that believe differently.

“That’s what America’s about. We had to respect the last election results, and I feel like everyone should respect this election’s results.”

8 thoughts on “11-Yr-Old Boy Attacked at School and Put in Crutches for Voting Trump in Mock School Election

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  2. OK first off, this kid’s attacker(s) (wanna guess shit skin(s)?) should be heading towards some jewvy hall for the remainder of their so-called adolescent life.

    Secondly, although Scarlett (the reporter) may sport a probable Pakistani surname, she is also definitely some sort of a Aryan type, remember, all over the world, the white race was there first… So anyway, this broad is really hot beyond belief, and although my obvious sympathies goes to this 11 year-old White boy and grieving parents, he at least got that God-given fringe benefit of being interviewed, consoled by a beautiful President Trump supporter, for which, she has taken some heat for:


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