The Source of Our Rage

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Of Two Minds attributes the white anger toward the rigged System to the drop in the wage share of GDP (first graph) and the increasing concentration of wealth in the hands of the power elites (second graph).

wage share

Economic explanations can only go so far, however.

More importantly, I think, are the signals sent by the elites that the white race deserves to be exterminated because it is uniquely evil. For the last 50 years these signals have been sent by the elitist writers, pundits, and the entertainment industry. Recently, under Obama, the formerly subtle signals became open and infused with violent threats.

Our rage is not just because we’ve been screwed our of our wealth, but also out of our identity.

Donald Trump promises to restore both. We shall see.

Jesus’s rage was directed toward the (((bankers))) of his day. What goes around, comes around. I hope.

Modern interpretation of Christ driving the money changers from the temple by Anthony Freda/Daniel Zollinger--those bankers look like Jews to me

4 thoughts on “The Source of Our Rage

  1. Just the thought of what has happened to Whites and to OUR country. Given to non-Whites right under our noses. What is citizenship worth if casually given to anyone who wants it? Nothing!

    Incensed that White males are passed over for undeserving third-world foreigners given equal rights the minute they set foot on OUR land, and White seniors who have only gotten COLA’s twice in the past five years…and homeless veterans on the dirty streets subject to being beaten by the disgusting enemies that they fought to protect us from. Those same enemies, illegals, refugees, and third world legal immigrants getting welfare when seniors worked their tails off most of their lives and our veterans thought they were fighting for Americans and our country from domestic and foreign enemies.

    The thought that Whites created, built, and fought for this country, all the benefits of their hard work and lost lives, their magnificent creation, the United States, just turned over to foreigners, that (((they))) have been able to initiate the most horrendous plan for White genocide, just like that, has me more than incensed!

    And the media and its pundits discussing the last several days why we are so angry! HA! The commies trying to cover up their real agenda for trying to destroy Trump…New World Order, Globalism, Whites are a threat to Jooz, and they are in the way, so let’s get rid of them.

    If honest, one can’t deny not only anger, but also feelings of hate towards (((those))) responsible, but it’s really the White legislators who sold out to the Communist takeover. All still alive should be tried for treason, hung in the square by their ankles for wolves to rip them apart alive.

    Hope that is clear how angry I am.

    • It’s a very passionate statement you’ve made. Can you copy it and place it in the comments sections of other sites? I got a free one-week subscription to WaPo. I posted my first comment there on Friday afternoon. I probably shocked the libtards who comment there. I defended ANDREW ANGLIN’S call for Hillary supporters to kill themselves. LOL.

      Anyway, if you can post your comment around the Internet it would be good. WaPo limits length of comments, though.

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