Shock Video: Negros Brutally Beat White Man Who Just Voted Trump

Segregation isn’t good enough. Ship them back to the jungle.

Video description:

Please share this video everywhere. Police are still trying to locate the attackers. The man in this video is suffering from a brain injury after being kicked in the head shortly after the video ended. His car and cell phone were stolen. If you recognize any of these men in the video please call the police and inform them.

22 thoughts on “Shock Video: Negros Brutally Beat White Man Who Just Voted Trump

  1. So solly, but Truth-hammer (from now on I am going to refer to myself in the third person just like God Emperor Trumpus Maximus) has no empathy for evil YTs who get their butts kicked by primal googles. Follow Truth-hammer’s example, and buy and carry a firearm to protect oneself. Live somewhere where that is difficult? Again, follow Truth-hammer’s example and move to Texas.

    • It’s up on Drudge now via a link to Infowars. I found it a few hours before them, but now that Drudge has put it up, it will be seen, probably by Trump himself. As far as I know, Trump doesn’t visit this site. LOL. The HuffPo people are probably still having fits, crying and all.

  2. The children that are protesting in the streets, declaring “Not my president” is bad but burning our flag is despicable. PJ please check mail.

  3. It seems to me that once Trump has been sworn in as President then is the time to deal with the google. Until then Obama can declare a state of emergency and remain President.

    Listen to the speech he made yesterday. Very conciliatory. Obama playing the White man ???? Since when. I’m suspicious. This whole thing may well be contrived.

    You have the moral high ground. Be patient Trump will be sworn in early next year and no doubt he will be deciding what to do about the google, BLM, the Black Panthers etc.

    Our young men should get ready until then.

  4. This is why every tax paying citizen should have a gun and be allowed to shoot these cockroaches when stuff like this happens.

    • will Trump help foot the bill for when guys like this who do shoot get sued by the ACLU et al. for killing a nog at a voting booth?

      • In my experience with being on the side of right in defending my kids against unrulies, the story gets twisted… some research on “victims’ funds”…

        So that is what I am saying here…..will Trump stick up for “us” if we get accosted and have to defend ourselves.

      • Not at present, but intend to at some point. Worried re: about my kids. Want something with a silencer.

      • No sab, i’m not talking about self-defense, i’m talking about someone else using a gun to help a person in a similar situation.

        And vb, imo, it’s easy to do something that can help prove who is in the wrong or right, like someone filming. I always thought guns should have cameras on them so that you can see the reason they are being fired.

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