Prince Harry Upset Over “harassment” of Mulatto Girlfriend

Prince Harry of Britain has jungle fever. It’s causing him some problems though.

New York Post Page Six

After Prince Harry defended his new girlfriend Meghan Markle from what he called a “wave of abuse and harassment,” Page Six has learned that the actress has asked for time off from filming her TV show.

Insiders say the beauty has told her bosses that she needs to skip filming for her USA Network show “Suits” in Toronto this week because she has “something important to do.”

The reason for the absence is being kept a closely guarded secret, but insiders speculate that Markle is meeting with lawyers to help manage her turbulent and sudden rise to international fame.

On Tuesday, Prince Harry — the grandson of Queen Elizabeth — released an unprecedented statement, lambasting the press and “social-media trolls” for hassling his paramour, whom he has been dating since the summer.

A letter released by Kensington Palace on his behalf claims that there had been “racial undertones” in some of the coverage about the LA native — who has one white parent and one African-American parent and describes herself as biracial — and said she and her family had been hounded by reporters.

Racial undertones? You have to wonder what that means. Did someone call Harry’s wannabee princess the N-word? Or are Brits demanding that African blood be kept from tainting the Royal Family?

The Daily Mail picks up the story:

Harry’s relationship with the Suits star, which began a few months ago, was announced in a strongly worded statement by Kensington Palace that described the ‘wave of abuse and harassment’ she has experienced since the couple’s news broke.

The royal said he was ‘worried about Ms Markle’s safety’ and ‘deeply disappointed that he has not been able to protect her’.

He lashed out at media intrusion and the ‘sexism and racism of social media trolls’ in a statement which said ‘this is not a game – it is her life and his’.

He added that the actress had also experienced ‘the smear on the front page of a national newspaper’.

The royal’s secret love affair with the star was revealed less than a fortnight ago on Sunday, October 30 after they were given away by matching friendship bracelets they have both worn for months.

Now that Britain has experienced the joys of diversity and is in practice multicultural, it may be that the Royal Family seeks to welcome a nonwhite into the family in order to curry favor with the muds who inhabit Britain now.

Or it may be that Harry likes his women the way he likes his coffee: black.

The Royal Family would do well to have Harry cultivate a relationship with a Muzzie chick since there are so many of those sand fleas in Britain today. I have just the girl in mind for him:


Take my word for it, Harry. She’s lovely.

Seriously, a royal has obligations to the greater indigenous peoples of Britain. Harry’s antics might have been amusing when he was young, but at his age he should be thinking about his duties, not a wannabee princess who hails from Africa by way of America.

21 thoughts on “Prince Harry Upset Over “harassment” of Mulatto Girlfriend

      • Like other posters, I have read that much of the Royal Pain in the Arse Family intermarried with ‘da Juuuuuze.

        Anyway, makes sense because most look like they got “beat with the ugly stick”.

        So he is not Northern European in the truest sense, but YES I do agree with your observation.

        I worked with two Italian men who were my best bosses. One guy always told his daughters to steer clear of black men. Also, the other man told me how a black woman basically begged him to have sex with her, yet he “could not do it” in his own words.

        I think people who are exposed to Groids regularly in certain areas of the world are less likely to “tap that” because they know it just leads to trouble. Always.

        This woman is 35 and already divorced once. Former hubby was Juice.

        Anyway, slam me if you want as I am unmarried, BUT in my family, people do not get married period OR if they do, the stay married forever. My family is quirky as so am I, but I tell it how the hell it is.

      • Depends what you call a bastard. Bastard in the original meaning meant child of another outside of the “tribe”.

        My kids’ grandfather is their “father figure”. It was not uncommon in Nordic communities for uncles, brothers, or grandfathers to act as “father figure” .

        Answer: NO

  1. rabbis “harry” and “girl friend”, and “friends” (“the fire is the devils’ one and only friend, forever, isn’t it”???) :

  2. I have posted this story on Chechar’ site, which by the way has gotten WEIRD, but hey, “it is all gooooood”. I’ll say it again….300,000 plus everyday regular Working White Wimenz in the USA have gotten raped by DieVersity since the late 80’s. Is Prince Dickhead concerned about THEIR well-being…or what about whites in his own damn country.

    That Royal Family has got to go.

  3. Look what happened to Diana when she fancied a bit of the other in Dodi Fayed?
    He will never be allowed to marry her, it’s that simple, he will have to do as he is told or be thrown off the civil list and have to work for a living.

  4. He must have watched Spike Lee’s movie jungle Fever. If he can’t do better than a once divorced half black American c rated movie actress then something is truly wrong with him. It is time for white people to start sticking together again.

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