Mother of Three Supported by Sugar Daddies Claims “I am not a prostitute.”

samantha age 24

Gold digger Samantha is not unique. The first time I heard the term “gold digger” and learned about women who show an interest in a man for his money was probably when I was around 10 years old.

Two things are new. The first is that Internet sites like Seeking Arrangement have increased the “efficiency” of the market place. In layman’s terms, they’ve made it easier for gold diggers and men with more money than sense to get together.

The second is that throughout history, gold diggers have been roundly condemned by both men and women. That is no longer so. Feminists approve of gold digging. The left in general likes prostitution because it helps destroy the bedrock of civilization, the traditional family.

Daily Mail

A mother-of-three who became a sugar baby while fleeing an abusive relationship insists that she will support her children if they one day decide to follow in her footsteps — but she is making sure they will never financially need to do so.

Samantha, 24, from Tuscon, Arizona, is one of the the fifteen finalists in the 2017 Sugar Baby of the Year contest hosted by Seeking Arrangement, a dating site that pairs attractive young women with wealthy older men who will financially care for them.

‘This site has been such a blessing,’ she told Daily Mail Online. ‘My biggest fear was having to return to the abusive situation because of financial reasons. I knew this would not benefit me or my children in the long run, so I had to make major changes.

Because of this site me and my children were able to build a new life,’ she added.

Samantha, who works as a housekeeper part-time, said being a sugar baby is her main source of income because she feels having a full-time job would keep her away from her children for too long.

According to the mom, the biggest misconception about Seeking Arrangement is that people ‘unfairly assume it falls in the lines of prostitution’.

‘I will not be physical with someone unless we have been dating for awhile and developed trust and genuine feelings,’ she explained.
Samantha said her family and friends are aware that she is Sugar Baby, and she admitted that her mother figured it out before she even told her.

It was pretty obvious,’ she said. ‘I date more than I work, but I’m financially capable of raising my little ones and can afford my own home. It was a dead give away.’

The aspiring psychologist said she will always always be honest and open with her children, and while she will ‘love them unconditionally’ if they ever opt to become sugar babies, she doesn’t see any reason why they would need to.

‘Half my earnings to into their savings,’ she noted.

Seeking Arrangement is offering this year’s winner of its annual Sugar Baby of the Year competition a role as a brand ambassador, the cover of the 2017 Sugar Baby Calendar, and a cash prize of $10,000.

‘The crown offers a platform for these women, either to promote their businesses or personal brand, gain attention and funding for a cause, charity, or organization they work with,’ company spokesperson, Angela Jacob Bermudo told Daily Mail Online.

Samantha will never be trustworthy. She’s shown her character flaw to the world in an apparent attempt to gain acceptance. Judging from the comments at the Daily Mail, there’s not much acceptance.

Samantha is only fooling herself is she thinks she’s not a prostitute. As she ages and loses her looks, she’ll be giving blowj*bs for $5 at truck stops. With no takers.

9 thoughts on “Mother of Three Supported by Sugar Daddies Claims “I am not a prostitute.”

  1. blonde rabbis “will do wickedly”. “We know them by their fruit (perverseness)”.

    Again, The Only Minority is not the 5 billion “Asians”, nor the 2.5 billion + Blacks!!! Duh!!!

  2. ” ‘I date more than I work, but I’m financially capable of raising my little ones and can afford my own home.”
    She will not suffer. She is cashing in what she has now, beofre she loses her looks. She is a home owner, not a renter. It is all well and good to be moral, but does it pay the mortgage?
    Some cunning women may do this while living on welfare payments, child support and alimony from the precious chumps in their life.
    As one loving wife said to me once, “You are a greedy man. I could get $3,000 a night for what I give you for nothing”. Needless to say it was not completely free and pretty much never is. A man always pays for sex, one way or the other. Free samples excepted. The first couple of times before the hooks are set.
    This “free” sex is like the burley thrown to fish for free to attract them to baited hooks.


    The Daily Mail, like all “publications” is trashtastic. Today the “truth” is not truth and what one sees is not what one gets.

    Anyway, this woman probably does not exist and this story may be manufactured to make single white mothers who actually DO work look ridiculous.

    Dating sites, Craig’s list, the world at large really has turned utterly fake. Unless you SEE it, Touch it, smell it, taste it, etc. do not believe it. It is allllllllll HYPE.

  4. Disease vector.

    Monkey fucker.

    All these bastards snatching compromise from the jaws of VICTORY??

    Fuck learned helplesness!!
    Fuck yid paradigm’s..
    The time’s that were a changing just changed back kikes!!!!


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