Feds Murder Beautiful Coyote Family Living Near La Guardia in NYC

coyote pups dead

H/T to commenter D who created the images for this post.

New York City has room for almost one million foreign born on welfare but no room for 10 harmless coyotes. The government lied when it said that it would be impossible to rehome the critters.

New York Daily News

A family of coyotes living near LaGuardia Airport were captured and euthanized, officials said Tuesday.

Workers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture had been staking out the critters for several days in the area around the airport. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said the coyotes posed a hazard to their workers and local residents.


“Last night, five coyotes were located and euthanized to help keep airport travelers, workers and nearby residents safe after the coyotes became acclimated to humans, increasing the possibility of an attack,” the agency said in a statement on Tuesday. “The actions were in accordance with the law for handling such situations.”

The news was heartbreaking for Frank Vincenti of the Wild Dog Foundation, who had been tracking the family since they first appeared this summer.

At one point he counted as many as eight pups and three adults.

“I heard the father howling and barking last night,” said Vincenti. “I saw one pup running through the Rikers Island parking lot (on Hazen Street) with his tail between his legs.”

coyote adult killed

Vincenti had been trying to humanely discourage the coyotes from coming near people. But workers at the parking lot and nearby cemeteries had been feeding the naturally shy animals.

“I thought I could make a difference,” he said.

The appearance of the coyotes had sharply divided many people in the animal rescue community.

Rescuers tending to a feral cat colony at the nearby Bowery Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant in Astoria were recently barred from bringing food because officials thought it would attract the coyotes. They claimed the cats were starving.

But others, who said the cats appeared to be able to come and go from the plant property, said the coyotes should have been left alone or humanely trapped and moved to a sanctuary.

coyote nyc dead

Last week, philanthropist Jean Shafiroff offered to fund the relocation of the coyotes but the state Department of Environmental Conservation said the animals could not be trapped and released.

“When animals like coyotes become habituated to humans, relocation is not feasible as the animals will continue to cause problems once relocated,” the DEC said in a statement.

coyote dead from d

The debate over coyotes comes as they have been spotted more frequently around the Bronx, Queens and Manhattan. While the city recently launched a new public awareness campaign urging New Yorkers to learn to live with urban wildlife and keep their distance — there is no current policy for dealing with coyotes.


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10 thoughts on “Feds Murder Beautiful Coyote Family Living Near La Guardia in NYC

  1. Not sure how to feel about 10 coyotes in NY, but I can’t agree with “every fluffy creature is precious” when it comes to large coyote packs near farms.

    I can’t agree with “every human is precious” when it comes to packs of “diversity” roaming around either.

    • Coyotes live in Los Angeles. They’re shy. They scavenge food. But if there’s a food shortage they will go after cats and small dogs. The issue I have with this case is that no effort was made to relocate them. There’s a wildlife shelter near me that probably would have taken them.

      • Well, I can agree with you on this.
        In such situations I personally prefer options that leave more options open e.g.
        If you kill them you can’t revive them(get some fur maybe).
        If you relocate – you still have more options, you can move them back if you changed your mind, you can even kill them later if a good enough reason presents itself.

  2. What caused this problem, in the first place, is assholes feeding the coyotes. THAT’S how they lose their natural fear of humans. There is no need to relocate them, just SHOW them a gun (they know what a gun is), and they INSTANTLY fear humans again. There is no need to shoot them. The fucking yuppie “animal lovers,” who fed them, are the real killers of those coyotes.

  3. I am sad to say that my initial thought was “some coyotes escaped” because the pack consisted of 10 yet the USDA claimed they “euthanized 5”. It was not 5; all 10 were executed during the night. The coyotes screams, whimpers and howls could be heard for several hours. That tells me not every shot was a clean kill; that several coyotes were wounded and died slowly. Yes humans should not have fed them however there were other options other than execution.
    The Port Authority (which initiated this atrocity by going to the USDA) should have deferred to the NYC’s plan to effectively and humanely respond to coyotes. I have followed the Port Authority’s actions ever since they effectively managed to have thousands of birds killed in the years following “Miracle on he Hudson” in 2009 because of the threat of “bird strikes”.


    NYC has a long history with coyotes:


    Tragically the most recent ones to take up residency have been slaughtered. Except from the Wild Dog Foundation which has monitored this family for months:

    “Tragically, the family of 10 coyotes was killed by USDA Wildlife Services on Monday and Tuesday in the middle of the night.
    The Port Authority released a statement on Tuesday stating “Last night, five coyotes were located and euthanized to help keep airport travelers, workers and nearby residents safe after the coyotes became acclimated to humans, increasing the possibility of an attack … The actions were in accordance with the law for handling such situations.” According to Frank Vincenti of the Wild Dog Foundation, who has been monitoring this family for months, the remaining family members were killed yesterday in the early morning. To be sure, these animals were not euthanized, they suffered tremendously – their howls could be heard for hours.
    To register your outrage with the Port Authority, please call (212) 435-3008 and leave a message with your feedback. http://www.panynj.gov/contact/contact-us.html

  4. OK…this is needless and stupid ; the coyotes were harming no one. I am a carnivore and have been known to hunt, so Im not a tree hugging vegan by any stretch, but there is no need to kill animals that are not a hazard or are not to be eaten.
    That said, I would encourage the local government office responsible for this to continue their program and ‘stated logic’ ; I am all for the execution of predatory creatures who actually are or have been a threat to the welfare of the general populace. Hence, I must naturally assume, and it would be logically consistent, that the USDA would be euthanising packs of negroes, wetbacks and towel heads as we speak…

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