Which Fuxated Libtard State Will be the First to Try to Secede in the Wake of a Trump Victory

A Jewish tech billionaire wants to take California out of the United States.

Which raises the question of why Jews are so afraid of Donald Trump. Just askin’.


Shervin Pishevar, cofounder of venture capital firm Sherpa Capital, an investor in some of the biggest names in tech, including Uber, Airbnb and Slack, tweeted that if Trump wins he would start funding a campaign for California to become its own country.

Could some of these guys be part of the big swamp that needs draining?

6 thoughts on “Which Fuxated Libtard State Will be the First to Try to Secede in the Wake of a Trump Victory

  1. Fox just called Pennsylvania for Trump! YAY!!!! Now, at 274 electoral votes. Hillary called Trump and conceded.

    I’m sure (((they))) are afraid of the White uprising…fearful we will put them in concentration camps, then you know what!

  2. Humph………Maybe it’s not a bad idea ?? The faggot/homopaedophile state want to quit the Union?? Do you think any red blooded American would oppose it ??

  3. I live here in the Soviet Republic of Jew England, Cambridge MA. Jew England has always been as far left as you can get along with Mexiformia, Illinois and any states that are overrun by 4th world porch primates

    The media here in Boston has been moaning and sobbing that Trump will take the beautiful paradise that the klintons, obunko and the jew bankers have created. They were using the worn out Trump is worse than Hitler and allied with Putin

    They were saber ratting on todays nooze, the battle has not even begun, talking about taking the country back by force if necessary

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