Snowflakes Quivering with Fear Over Trump Victory

There was a news report this morning that claimed that one-third of Americans are scared by Donald Trump. As if no reasonable person would not be scared of Lovely Hillary.

Check out the snowflakes posting their fears on Twitter.

All of these people are useful idiots. President Hillary would have accelerated white genocide, anti-Christian policies, and other leftist favorites. And we’re just supposed to sit on our asses and take their sh*t. F*ck these morons. Go kill yourselves, mother******s.

21 thoughts on “Snowflakes Quivering with Fear Over Trump Victory

  1. So solly, but I do not recognize the lamentations of skypes, googles, SWPL females, hipster eunuchs, or third-world mystery meat. Got a dime? Call someone who cares.

  2. “…How did we let this happen, & how do we explain it to our children?”

    Simple Snowflake. You tell them how you terrorized the America people and abused the power you had.

    Then the American people woke up.

  3. It’s always funny the silly tantrums they throw when things don’t go their way. And of course instead of appealing to logic they appeal to insults like racist, priviledged or other things like the riots that were happening.

    Meanwhile, when Obama was elected two times you didn’t see conservatives complain as much. Not to mention that no one rioted. And Obama didn’t have any experience before either. Why did they complain about Trump and not Obama?

      • I am. Oh I am.

        What’s coming across over and over again is that they don’t understand why our people have risen up and done this. They don’t have the brain power. It must be the brainwashing doesn’t allow them to sit down and think it through.

  4. When you read this :

    “I’m disappointed because Hillary Clinton is good for Pakistan and Muslims all over the world”……!

    And find out 68% of saudis wanted Hillary……..Oaw ! Glad Trump defeated the evil B…ch

  5. I am guessing that snowflake is a word to describe a “white” woman. I used to get called “snowflake” all the time when I walked in the ghetto in Philadelphia.

    I am really not afraid of Trump. I did not vote. In the end it does not matter because they are all on the same team.

    I still woke up and had to go to school and work today. My life does not change. Only I can change my life.

    • Snowflakes melt easily. SJW = snowflake. Defining characteristic = demanding safe spaces.

      You have a mature attitude. Only you can change your life. All Trump and the government can do is pull the obstacles out of your way and cheer you on instead of cheering on the elites.

    • Snowflake are a stupid joowood brainwashed bimbos & most of them bulldyke carpet muncher man hating sluts, as their idol Hillarious ??

  6. “if you’re a white male who is upset but not overcome with paralyzingly fear & anxiety, recognize your privilege”
    The mysterious and baffling female mind at work. I received a message recently from a white Slavic female, who did she choose but a USA nigger female for a quote. She knows I am not a fan of Coons nor their power for creating great quotes and ideas. So a female Coon was doubling down.
    This insult would be like me sending her a quote by Adolf Hitler about subhuman Slavs. Some women really know how to offend males and they do it as often as possible.
    Trump might like this Hitler quote:
    “I do not see why man should not be as cruel as nature”.

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