Happening Now, Live Streams: Mass Street Protests Against Donald Trump Presidency

I see that George Soros has some money left to burn.

Link to NBC News live protest stream I can never get the NBC live streams to play; good luck

Here’s the Ruptly live stream of the NYC protest with live chat:

Independent live stream coverage of nationwide protests against Trump:

Independent live stream coverage of Trump Tower protest:

“Fuck Donald Trump” live stream in Boston:

Link to WCVB live stream

Chicago live stream coverage from Patch

The protest was organized by ANSWER Chicago, an antiwar and anti-racism group (ANSWER stands for Act Now Stop War End Racism). Before the rally began, more than 9,000 people indicated on the demonstration’s Facebook page they planned to attend the protest.

The page also stated the reason for the event: “We must resist this outcome! In fact, we cannot be idle. We must get into the streets immediately. We must unite and stand with immigrants, Muslims, women, LGBTQ people, poor and working people and Black Lives Matter.”

This isn’t the only anti-Trump protest the national group has planned. One of the group’s organizers told the crowd that plans were in the works to “shut down” Washington, D.C., durng Trump’s inauguration Jan. 20.

Protesters are reportedly out in Dallas, Los Angeles, and other big American cities.

These scum look like the same pieces of excrement seen at BLM and Occupy protests. Their purpose is to rile up the nonwhite population and to create anarchy.

6 thoughts on “Happening Now, Live Streams: Mass Street Protests Against Donald Trump Presidency

  1. My guess is that ANSWER like Antifas is yet another Commie front led by Jews.
    “We must unite and stand with immigrants, Muslims, women, LGBTQ people, poor and working people and Black Lives Matter.” The irony is that this “minority” group would be about 80% or more of the population of the USA. Many or most of whom voted for Trump.

    I hope the baton makers (paddy whackers) share prices explode. Trump ought to double the number of police batons and also prepare some hospital beds. It is time for police to start whacking these Commies and hard.
    I do not mean the average idiot suckered along to such demos. I mean the professional (((agitators))). Those with masks on their faces and black clothing need a damn good whacking. Arrest them and lock them up. Start with Soros.

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    • So, would that be a female cuck?

      And these people LOOK the part. Between reject punk rocker up there and that guy with the “I’m for socialism” shirt, they embody the stereotypical leftist. Said shirt man is a bit rotund, so he is obviously no stranger to the gravy train.

      White people, I charge you with eradicating these louts from your midst. That, of at least round up some “super predators”, and releasing that “in Mel Gibson voice” pack of nig-…..you get the picture.

      Feminists and freeloading liberals are YOUR call, and the ball’s in your court.

  3. Typical.
    and folks – I use that word purposely – we will have to meet ‘force with force’ ; its the only thing these bozos understand. I know, I know…its not in our nature to riot , and we are all busy making a living and keeping things running and actually producing…but this crap hasta stop. The government will not do it, no matter who – well, short of me – is president. The little snowflakes will fold immediately, the africans will leave when the drugs and alcohol run out / when soros’ checks stop cashing, and the mexican gangs are gonna be tough, but we have right on our side and are better shots. Be ready to defend and TAKE BACK your area when these things happen.

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