Cowardly Hillary Clinton Won’t Leave Hotel Room

Hillary Clinton will not be conceding the presidential election to Donald J. Trump tonight, Tuesday night.

I strongly suspect that the reason is that she’s in a rage, cursing everyone out until she drops from exhaustion. Who will she blame for her loss? Huma? Podesta?

Anyway, I also suspect that the Clinton camp will mount legal challenges to the election results in an effort to win in the courts what could not be won at the ballot box.

There’ll be all night strategizing going on, with DNC lawyers and other big players developing a strategy and statement to be released tomorrow.

Trump went to his campaign headquarters party moments ago.

Hillary’s Spirit Cooking campaign manager John Podesta went from her hotel suite to her campaign headquarters to talk to Hillary’s dejected supporters, who have been sent home.


Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta tells supporters in New York, ‘we can wait a little longer, can’t we?’; says several states are too close to call, says they’ll have more to say tomorrow. What it will amount to, if it happens, is an effort to steal the election.

More: Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta says ‘let’s get those votes counted’ as he sends supporters in New York home

Editor’s note: Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta signaled that Clinton will not speak tonight when he sent home her supporters at a New York election night party. No winner has been declared in the U.S. presidential race, but Donald Trump is leading in several key battleground states. NBC News notes it’s not unprecendented for candidates to wait to declare victory or concede until the next day. We are watching results in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. – Stephanie
end of note

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