Breaking: TRUMP WON–The Guardian has just Put Donald J. Trump at 276 Electoral Votes (270 Needed to Win)


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This should be it, ladies and gentlemen. One of those rare moments in history where a major positive thing has happened. Nigel Farage might call the election of Donald Trump as president as the USA’s version of Brexit. It might also be likened to victory in the American Revolutionary War.

As in Britain, by a narrow margin voters have said NO to the globalist agenda.

(((They))) will try to stop Trump from achieving his nationalist goals. His successful run at the presidency is just the beginning. There’s hard work and setbacks on our calendar as we march forward to some degree of freedom from (((them.)))

If (((they))) try to steal the election now, we know the truth. Trump won in spite of the Democrat voter fraud and other rigging.

Hail President Trump!

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Link to Guardian live election updates page

Link to Guardian Trump Wins story

34 thoughts on “Breaking: TRUMP WON–The Guardian has just Put Donald J. Trump at 276 Electoral Votes (270 Needed to Win)

  1. Why is the far left (((Guardian))) rushing with this news? Why not a US media company rather than one in Gay England, sorry, Merry England?

    • From what Wullfe wrote and from looking at a story (Reuters?) it appears that multiple news outlets called it at the same time. I had the Guardian open, so I used them as my source. I figure if they called it for Trump, it had to be true. I’m working on reading all the doom and gloom articles on the Guardian now.

    • Haha, there is some sort of hidden irony and truth in this post.

      If they wanted and praised mexicans so much, then why don’t they move there if they don’t like USA so much?

      Even without saying it outright, these liberals know subconsciously what’s up. It’s just that the brainwashing is strong in them.

    • When the System is rigged (check out my earlier post on voter fraud on Tuesday), it bears watching. Crooked Hillary called Trump WHILE AT THE SAME TIME GEARING UP TO CHALLENGE ELECTION RESULTS IN ENOUGH STATES TO GIVE HER VICTORY. She’s two faced. Unbelievable.

  2. The only three candidates that had a real chance of winning were all 70 years of age or over. (((Bernie))) is 75. As an oldie I am not against this. However the USA now seems to be a Geritocracy.
    Trump could have been elected in 1992 and the US people rejected him. His name was Pat Buchanan.
    Trump is late, too late in my opinion, but better late than never.
    He could introduce policies to favor an increased number of white births. Such as tax breaks for tax paying families, rather than support for welfare bums to have babies.
    Dramatic cuts for welfare for non working parents is a good idea especially the fast breeders. This might slow the Coon and Spic and Muzzie population explosion.

  3. My prediction for the next 12 to 24 months. The Jews will crash the stock market and make trillions in profits, as they did in 2001 and 2008. Whatever the actual phony trigger, all the (((market pundits))) will be saying “buy” to the gullible public.

    Jew Spew from Yahoo today re the Trump win by Dr Doom…..does any commentator get published who is not a Jew or a shill for them?…..
    “”Most informed observers know that Western democracies are basically bankrupt. The unfunded liabilities are a huge problem. The zero interest rates are a huge problem for pension funds and for insurance companies,” said (((Faber))).”

  4. OK guys, celebrate for now, but remember to be cautiously optimistic by January. As for all those douchebag celebrities that threatened to move to Canada; they probably won’t do it.

  5. Thank you Jesus there will be no war with Russia, I know the cunt would have gone after Putin. Hopefully that will be Thumps saving grace. Let’s see how soon after Jan 2017 he goes to Israel to kiss their Wailing Wall to show his support, as they all have to. Let’s see if the office of presidency gives this buffoon the cloak of dignity he so badly needs.

    It’s going to be an interesting 4 years but years without fear for a change.

    • “soon after Jan 2017 he goes to Israel to kiss their Wailing Wall ”
      Maybe he will unzip and piss on their wailing wall. This would be a work of art, and therefore not disrespectful.
      Jews do way too much wailing for the richest and most powerful people on earth. The Romans of 2000 years ago had the right idea pulling down the temple as a punishment for constant trouble making. Too bad they left some of the foundations.

  6. Well done guys, you did it. First Brexit, now this. What a year.

    Bet Hillary’s health suddenly fails her.

    Hillary for prison 2016. Drain the swamp. Start with her.

      • I’m with you on this and have myself been wondering if Donald WLL go after the Klintons, Barry and Michael. I doubt he will be a able to. If he takes the Marxist demigods down especially the obunko and all the mooslam kneegross he has stuffed the former white house with. Fifty million porch primates will move en masse to burn every city in the US….Barry still has 3+ months to finish total destruction; bring in 50 million sh%tskin savages, continue poking Russia and agitating every deplorable 4th world savage currently invading the West

        Ahhhhhh, the obamas, klintons, bushes, soros, rothchilds all in orange jumpsuits, standing in line for their turn to ride old sparky

      • Trump will build the wall. It is not a crime to build a fence or wall to protect ones own country. Israel does it. Most Israeli walls are within the borders, not on the national borders at all.
        You can hate Trump all you want. He is now President of your country. If you can stand living there for 8 years with a homo Muslim Coon half breed in charge then you can stand 4 years of Trump. Or are you a closet leftist, or just jealous of Trump as a self made and cocky man? Talentless tinted O’Bozo was anointed by (((Rahm Emmanuel))) in Chicago, gangster town.

  7. @Robert: the jews do everything they forbid us to do. They have a wall to keep their tribe pure. They want Whites to race mix and exterminate themselves. We’ve had 75 years to build a wall and to give the border agents free rein to help stop the invasion. Never got done, never will.

    The jews threw Ofuckma to the niggers to appease them. Now after 8 years of that chittering ape, they have thrown us a bone. A White president. Nothing has changed and while all of you are busy worshiping this great White “god’s” ass, they are sneaking up behind us for the kill.

    Always look at the big picture.

  8. Remember all the 9/11 clues throughout movies and Simpson cartoons decades before it happened? Here’s proof the jews planned all along to put in Thumper. The comment about him as past president is at 32 seconds. KTLA 5 brought this to my attention this morning:

  9. Hi, it’s me, the poster on this blog known as Hugh Mongous the Deplorable. Under this name, I have successfully shared my comments on numerous occasions. Yet, upon the realisation that Mr. Trump had won the White House, I so wanted the share with, what I thought were, fellow conservatives, this video:

    Because, thanks to the “spirit cooking” video, I truly believe that [lesbo-crooked Hillary] Clinton really is a witch.

    Yet, that posting never got passed PJ’s approval.

    I wish I could understand why this particular video cannot be posted here, anyone?

    I can be reached at

    Post Script: The Microsoft ‘people’ never allowed me to have the email address but, they are just too ignorant of Latin, so is accessible to me which, btw, simply means Big Breasts 🙂

      • Thanks for your input there PJ, it’s good to be ‘back’.

        Yeah, I’ve changed my poster name because, for the next 4 years, conservatives can no longer Officially be referred-to as “deplorable.” So I thought about something a bit more elating for my poster name. Microsoft probably think I’m some sort of Chicana or something, 😛

        Big titties out

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