Video: Topless Protesters Disrupt Voting at Trump’s Polling Station

“Grab them by the balls.”

15 thoughts on “Video: Topless Protesters Disrupt Voting at Trump’s Polling Station

  1. In any genuine democracy, interfering with people who are trying to cast their vote is a very serious offense, including jail penalties. Particularity so if this happens inside the polling booth and not out in the street.
    These two slags should get 12 months each in the slammer for this attempt to intimidate voters.
    Stand-over methods are normal and encouraged by the ruling Govt in Zimbabwe and other shitholes.
    Is USA another Zimbabwe?

  2. These Femen Fuckheads are idiots. Trump is a wanker, but I have to say for this for him, at least the man’s taste in azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz is of Vanilla, unlike the Royal Mess of a Family on England. Femen does not get that it is a group of useful idiots. See below:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ….so concerned about her safety……………….waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    At least Trump wants to ship the Turds back from whence they came and at least he doesn’t tap Turd Poon. Where was Prince Hairy Arse when the women in Germany were getting raped Turdheads? Does he care about the 300,000 white women raped in the Kwa by Chocokwans since the late 80’s?

    Fuck you Rich Pretty Boy Pussy Hairy

    • I’ve been meaning to do a follow up on the murder but it’s time consuming to put together some of these Wikileaks pieces I’ve run the last week. Thanks for the link. It’s too tense right now re election to think about anything but that, but when things calm down, if they do, then I want to follow up.

      As to naked women, it gets them publicity which is probably all they want. It won’t change minds at all. Send them to jail for a year or two. It might cool them off.

  3. On the other hand, I am cool with women out there disrobing. Why is it that only women with fake ones and fake everything are able to go butt naked and earn $ doing so? Why is it that certain women can let it all hang out and the rest of us cannot? Why can a fat Latina or Black woman wear tight pants and be called juicy or “bootylicious” and your everyday white grrrrrl must keep wrapped up even when she is svelte?

    Cosmetic surgery and fake tatas and big outrageous tatas have been used as vehicles to “shame” your everyday Germanic-American woman into feeling bad about her looks. These things work the same way the burkas used by the Muzzies do. Good on these women.

    Good on the woman who did the photoshoot for Trump. A regular woman who be passed aside by the Kwanified because she did not have some stupid double droopers.

    White Woman Power!

  4. Couldn’t see that much in the videos, but it looked like at least one of them could make a decent living as a pole dancer, IOW, not a skank for a change.

    • No. This is the same man who gave Jennifer Hudson (black female singer) a free room when her brother was shot. Do you think Mr. Trump would do the same for a poor white person? Not a chance.

      I do not pin my hopes on any of these bozos.

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