Take Them Back to Africa, Says Germany

rescued migrants mediterranean

Officials in Germany have come up with a radical new idea: Send migrants rescued in the Mediterranean Sea back to Africa.

New idea? Not to those of us who care about preserving Europe as a place for Europeans to live. We and many others have made this suggestion (and even more radical suggestions) for years now.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

Migrant boats caught in the Mediterranean by EU naval vessels should be sent straight back to North Africa, German officials have demanded.

The German interior ministry has told the EU that the only way migrants should be able to apply for asylum is at processing centres in countries such as Egypt and Tunisia.

The scheme, which is modelled on Australia’s hard-line methods, marks a radical departure from Angela Merkel’s open-door policy that saw more than a million people arrive in her country last year.

It comes as record numbers attempt the dangerous journey from Libya to Italy despite the worsening winter weather.

Critics have claimed an EU naval operation in the Mediterranean has descended into a ferry service that has turned the route into a ‘magnet for migrants’.

Smugglers are setting off from the North African coast in boats with only enough fuel to get them into international waters. After reaching the high seas they phone rescuers asking for help knowing they will be picked up by EU ships that will take them to Italy.

The vast majority of those using the route are not entitled to asylum, but once in Europe they are able to travel freely because of the border-free Schengen Zone and can easily reach Calais.
Under the plan drawn up by Germany, migrants picked up in the Mediterranean would be sent to Tunisia, Egypt or other North African countries to apply for asylum.

Only if their applications are accepted will they be transported safely to Europe for distribution among EU countries.

A ministry spokesman told the Welt am Sonntag newspaper: ‘The elimination of the prospect of reaching the European coast could convince migrants to avoid embarking on the life-threatening and costly journey. The goal must be to deprive people-smuggling groups of their business model and to protect migrants from the life-threatening journey.’

Under Australia’s controversial asylum system, boats carrying migrants from Indonesia are either towed back to where they came from or their passengers are sent to offshore processing centres on Pacific islands.

A record 27,272 arrived from North Africa into Italy last month taking the total so far this year to more than 161,000 – easily surpassing the 153,000 in 2015. More than 4,000 migrants have died in the Mediterranean in 2016.

Send them back? Show me. Then I’ll believe it.

7 thoughts on “Take Them Back to Africa, Says Germany

  1. Notice the wording? During the bad winter weather, they just don’t want the precious souls to drown and make the look bad. Stay in North Africa until the weather gets better and we have dealt with the unruly white population then try again when the weather gets better. All BS from the lugenpresse.

  2. black botf hybrid devils are only allowed in nubia; everywhere else they are “the lawless” (illegals) and bound for the lake of fire, forever, as their behavior proves. Chinese and other cainites and other yellow devils (botf-hybrids) are only allowed to be in Malaysia, the land of magog (Hebrew / Whites-only words for “the places of their habitation, which they left” for the lake of fire, instead. The same is true for nothing-yahu types: their only “place of habitation” is the lake of fire. None of them has any hope, unless they are 100% only “blessing White People, as promised, in Gen 12:3”.

  3. “The scheme, which is modelled on Australia’s hard-line methods”.
    That makes me proud to be Australian.
    However, elected hard man Tony Abbott was replaced in a coup by his party member, a Goldman Sachs banker. The voters voted for Abbott bu they soon got Goldman Sachs because the (((media)) decided that was the “public opinion”.
    So the future is bleak for Australia even if the present is much improved. The first thing this Goldman Sachs stooge did was to increase the number of legal refugees, which is quite high already. Not counting the hundreds of thousands of students and workers who enter Australia every year and never leave, until they get an Aussie passport that is. Australia is drowning in yellows who are more or less legal. Many of these new “students” never study or even attend the college thy have paid. It is a big corrupt racket.
    Plus the huge numbers of no hoper black bastard rapefugees from Africa.

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