Superfun Video: How to Foil a Cell Phone Thief

All the thieves in this video are lazy, shiftless Negros. All are presumed guilty of previous thefts. All of them got what they deserved and less. As a bonus, one of the shiftless ones is humiliated in front of his mudshark white woman.


smilin sam from alabam coon nigger black

5 thoughts on “Superfun Video: How to Foil a Cell Phone Thief

  1. (((The Three Stooges))) must find an honest man so they keep putting wallets on the pavement. Every one is stolen. So Moe loads one up with dynamite and wires. Naturally another (((man))) pockets the wallet.
    Moes immortal words “Ill fix that crook” as he joins the detonator wires.
    The mans pants explode in to shreds and are blown clean off him.
    Later on in this episode the boys commit a crime because they have been told that “the only honest men are in jail”.

    • Jews or not, I loved the Stooges as a kid. They are still good for a laugh to me.

      I wish I knew how to rig up something like this guy did. There are other videos showing rigged bikes being stolen. Almost always by blacks.

      • Haha! Yeah, right. YOU do it. I don’t know, they’re too busy shooting innocent people in drivebys.

        I’ll bet you lunch for a week Thump won’t get that wall up, just more BS so Whites would vote for him.

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