Obama Brings in South Americans as Election Observers

The irony of it. Obama has brought in Mestizos from South America to monitor America’s elections. These thurd world creatures wouldn’t know an honest election if it bit them on the a**. Neither would Obama, that son of a Kenyan goat herder.

Washington Examiner

Election observers from Latin America in the U.S. to monitor Tuesday’s presidential election are getting the royal treatment from Washington officials, including a top Democrat on the Federal Election Commission.

Members of Voto Transparente tweeted a picture of over two dozen members sitting next to FEC Democrat Ann Ravel at the FEC and she is set to speak Monday at the 2016 U.S. Election Program and Seventh Global Elections Organization (GEO-7) Conference in Washington.

Voto Transparente wrote on the tweet, “The delegation of transparency election at the meeting with Ann Ravel, Member of the Federal Election Commission.”

On Facebook, a member wrote, “Excellent meeting of the Mission USA 2016 on the federal election commission with the commissioner Ann Ravel.”

One of the pictures showed a member holding a folder from the National Democratic Institute, funded in part by Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

On Election Day, the observers will fan out across Washington, Maryland and Virginia to observe presidential election polling places. On the day after the election, the group plans to address the results.

Officials attending and observing Election Day are expected from English, French, Arabic and Spanish speaking nations.

The group sponsoring the convention Ravel is speaking to “free and fair” elections around the world. It has advocated especially for women candidates, and with along with the State Department it called for candidate quotas favoring women.


One thought on “Obama Brings in South Americans as Election Observers

  1. South America is famous for democracy and open government. Corruption and election fraud is totally unknown. Civil wars and dictatorships never happen in that glorious Southern half of the Continent.

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