Eat **** Newsweek!

Sell these damnable things as collectibles, if you dare. I would advise you to deny everything and burn them.

7 thoughts on “Eat **** Newsweek!

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  2. Just turned on Fox. Ms. Megyn and Bill Hemmer, both liberalcrats still figuring out how Hillary can win saying if all the remaining states go to her she wins.

    That’s why I’m in disbelief. While Trumpers are celebrating, I’m not so sure something won’t go wrong!

    • Yeah, we go to sleep thinking Trump won and we wake up to Madam President. At which point we take to the streets? I’m staying up all night to make sure that they don’t pull a fast one. If they do, we start making plans for the revolution.

    • I have that same nagging feeling. On the one hand I feel relieved that sanity has prevailed, but then I also have this queasy gut feel that the Marxist commie demoncraps will stop at nothing to win

      The final decision rests with the Satan worshipping rothchilds rockefellers and soros

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