Cute Girl Writes Blistering Open Letter to Witch Hillary

Emily Longworth is her name. That’s a fine old European name, with a touch of the old fashioned to it.

Emily is angry. Rightly so.

She must have spent awhile writing her devastating takedown of Hillary Clinton, which she posted on youtube in February of this year.

Youtube comment:

I am a Canadian, but your words gave me goose bumps. I find it funny that in the dem race for nomination in 2008, Obama accuses her of corruption and incompetence, then he contradicts himself and at the DNC saying that she is more qualified for presidency than both he and Bill is.

3 thoughts on “Cute Girl Writes Blistering Open Letter to Witch Hillary

  1. Going to be an interesting day tomorrow tomorrow that’s for sure. My designated voting area is s room in the town office monitored by the same women every year. Paper and pencil are our voting tools. You are not allowed to speak except to answer a question from one of the women seated at a table with the voter registration books. Apparently the women are allowed to speak or at least eat because there are plates of food and plugged in crock pots everywhere. I might comb my hair this year – then again I might not😝😝😝
    BTW PJ, when the election is over I could use some guidance from you in regard to K9 Lina. Nothing has changed and in this case time is the enemy .

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