Confederate Flag-Waving Trump Supporters Accused of Voter Intimidation

Here’s how a nonstory is made into a story.

Excerpt from Daily Mail

In an apparent attempt to intimidate voters, at least a dozen trucks and other vehicles were caught on video parading around early polling stations in Florida waving Confederate flags.

All of the vehicles were outfitted with the American and Confederate flag along with other flags that read: ‘Trump for president.’

The incident was caught on camera by John Zaccaro, Jr, who was volunteering as a poll observer in Florida, according to his sister Donna Ullman.

Don’t bother to read the rest of the story. There’s no evidence of so-called voter intimidation. The prick Zaccaro who spun the story for the media is a bullsh*t artist.

The vehicles with flags were driving around on public roads, which they have every right to do.

This is what voter intimidation looks like:

Read more about the Black Panther voter intimidation case at Wikipedia.

Two members of the New Black Panther party, Minister King Samir Shabazz, and Jerry Jackson, stood in front of the entrance to the polling station in uniforms that have been described as military or paramilitary.[3][4][5] Minister King Shabazz carried a billy club, and is reported to have pointed it at voters while both men shouted racial slurs,[6] including phrases such as “white devil” and “you’re about to be ruled by the black man, cracker.”[7]

According to the monkey president and chimp AG Eric Holder, there was no voter intimidation.

obama grin gif

One thought on “Confederate Flag-Waving Trump Supporters Accused of Voter Intimidation

  1. That gif of o-homo looks like it was used as the model for the old negro bank of yore. All he needs is to bring his white palmed hand up to his mouth and to swallow a coin.

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