Wikileaks DNC Leak 2 (#dncleak2) Pushes MURDER to the Top Trends on Twitter


Wow! Sunday night Wikileaks released another batch of Democrat National Committee (DNC) emails.

As you probably know, it’s long been suspected that the death of Vince Foster by suicide and Commerce Secretary Ron Brown in an airplane accident were in reality Clinton murders. Both of these deaths are included in the infamous Clinton body count. Both men died in the 1990s.

What’s new is this:

1. An email suggesting that insiders KNOW that Hillary killed both men.

2. An email suggesting that Hillary’s campaign manager, John Podesta of Spirit Cooking fame, and his brother Tony Podesta, kidnapped and murdered little Madeline McCann, who’s been missing and presumed dead for almost a decade now.

As soon as a new batch of Wikileaks material hits the Internet, thousands of people swing into action, analyzing them and posting significant findings on Twitter.

Nothing here is a smoking gun. We don’t have Hillary on tape admitting to killing anyone. What we do have now is an established pattern of very bizarre email exchanges between Clinton confidantes.

You can look over Twitter hashtag #dncleak2 yourself to see if new material is up. At this point, here’s the significant findings. Some of the Tweets go over the same material, but from a slightly different perspective:

Click on this next one about the abduction in Portugal of Madeleine McCann to go to Twitter to read the comments. I can’t vouch for the truth of the post and comments, but honestly, the British and Portuguese police need to investigate these Podesta scumbags starting now.

This is one of the comments confirming MURDER:

Bear in mind that I can’t confirm the authenticity of the documents shown in these Tweets. I’m posting here to encourage further investigation. I make no claim about the guilt or innocence of anyone.

Some of this material may be faked by Hillary supporters to discredit us.

Wikileaks came under cyber attack when #vincefoster started trending on Twitter:

Finally, this Reddit thread offers several resources related to the abduction of Madeleine McCann.

This material just keeps dragging us deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. It’s insane, but so are the Clintons and their associates.

3 thoughts on “Wikileaks DNC Leak 2 (#dncleak2) Pushes MURDER to the Top Trends on Twitter

  1. Great find on the Podesta’s v Madeline McCann materials, Saboteur!
    You may want to see this one, too.

    “Clinton appointed DOJ official allegedly runs a pizzeria that uses pedo logo? ” – Re:

    “So then I google Andrew Kline and Podesta – Bingo! Turns out Andrew Kline knows Podesta AND is a Clinton appointee and “as one of four attorneys in the Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit of the Department of Justice, in the Civil Rights Division”
    So that means that the guy who owns a pizza place that uses a pedo symbol for it’s logo is in charge of finding human trafficking in the US at DOJ and was appointed by Clinton.”

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