New Trump Ad: Come Home, American

Nice patriotic, historic feel to this video. It harks back to a time when America was predominantly white, which I think was its intention.

Published on Nov 6, 2016

Our forefathers believed in this Republic.
They dared to think big.
Come Home, American.

Collaboration video between /u/trumpeffect and /u/DontLetEuropeFall.
Check out /r/MakeVideosGreatAgain to learn how to make these types of videos yourself!
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6 thoughts on “New Trump Ad: Come Home, American

  1. It always comes down to the white race. The last bastion of freedom, civility, honor and integrity.

    I have a dying relative. She’s surrounded by muds, liberals, fags and jews. In her hospital and in her home, who does she reach out for? Me. Her white niece. The one she trusts. Talking to me is a return to sane whiteness. A decent person who remembers white America, not mud, fag or jew America. White America.

    In times of trouble or distress, whom usually do your friends or family members turn to? The white one, who didn’t take the blue pill. Who sees through the bullshit. I have ixnayed many a family member and friend who hate Trump for no reason. Many of these family or friends are married to non-whites, kikes or they’re just plain old brainwashed stupid idiots.

    I was sitting in Walmart the other night waiting for my husband to end his shopping. I saw obese white mudsharks with bean pole niggers, fat pigs in carts (nothing wrong with them, they’re just too fat to walk) and tattooed freaks who belong in the circus show. I said to myself. Is this what my aunt and grandma and dad died for? Is it?

    Even if Trump wins (and God help us if he does not), there needs a great culling, gassing or purging of some white folks. I’m not being mean. Just because some one is poor, doesn’t mean like they have to look like they just crawled out of bed. Have some sense of decency folks.

    Some of them just don’t deserve to live in a brave new white world. Between race mixing with feral niggers, snorting pills or spending all their money on tats and Iphones, they’re a failed group of people. They’ve got to go.

    • Those losers can stay with the muds. Or they can shape up, except for the race mixers who refuse to repent. We could send them to Haiti or Liberia perhaps, where they can learn what it’s like to not have hard working decent whites like us supporting them.

      As to Trump, I fear that he’s going to lose since it’s all rigged. I’m wracking my brain for a strategy to deal with it, but I have none yet. I’ll keep working on it.

      Any ideas?

      • I’m still voting tomorrow. I’m keeping positive thoughts and so should you. Let’s have a conscious collective thought process that Trump wins big.

  2. JFK said “We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things”.
    What were the other things? The destruction of the future for whites? Getting blacks to breed while becoming lazy welfare bums?

    Did any one ever go to the moon? This is the only technological leap in history which has never been repeated, since the original series that is, moon buggies and all. It would be like the Second World War being fought with no aeroplanes of any kind. Due to less than 45 years elapsing after the Wright Bros flight.
    The first moon ride was 1969, that is now more than 47 years ago and counting. Funny that something that was so easy in 1969 now seems to be too expensive or too difficult or too dangerous for all countries to replicate.

  3. “It harks back to a time when America was predominantly white, which I think was its intention.”

    We can be sure we’ll hear from ADL, SPLC, and ACLU calling Trump “racist” AGAIN. How sinful of Trump to show America’s predominately White history.

    Many Whites have been too cowardly/fearful to respond to them, others crude, unprofessional, and generally obscene when addressing the problem. Showing cartoons and other pictorials, such as “gassing the kikes,” is uncalled for. This is what these groups address on their websites specifically citing they come from White Trump supporters.

    Some on Twitter have taken an educational position, providing facts proving Jewish agenda, more like Kevin MacDonald. They are very effective.

    • I rarely look at the Daily Stormer, but I know it’s satire and so does the left. However, they use it against us. I’m not sure very many people are offended by any of the “Gasss the Kikes” stuff though or Pepe in a Nazi uniform. Who realistically would be afraid of a cartoon frog?

      The big mistake on the left was calling Trump a racist over and over again. He was known for 30 years as a nice, smart, aggressive guy who liked girls and money. Calling him a racist was stupid because no one ever called him that until he decided to run.

      We’ll know tomorrow whether the anti-Trump rhetoric has prevailed. Pray that it hasn’t.

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