White Woman Had to Fight 20 YEARS to Get Police to Bring Her Negroid Rapist to Justice

lynda donnelly rape victim

pierre bate rapist

This story unfolded in London, England, that most “die-verse” of cities.

In Britain, where criticizing a darkie is a hate crime, it’s clear from so much of what’s coming to light that white girls and women are viewed as a public utility to be used and abused by muh dik.

The villain of this story, a worthless piece of dog sh*t named Pierre Bate, is strong suspected of raping a woman before he brutalized Lynda, and of continuing his raping ways afterward.

Lynda kept on the sorry asses of the police or Pierre would still be free.

Daily Mail

Lynda Donnelly produces notes scribbled on the packaging of the Boots No. 7 foundation she wore in the days when appearance mattered to her.

‘Rang Crimewatch at 9ish, March 31. Told police would ring me. Rang back three times. 11.40pm: no joy. April 1, rang police complaints. Lady gave me chief of police Paul Stephenson’s number . . .’ And so on.

It is one of many bits of paper in a file Lynda began to compile on the day the ‘happiest years’ of her life abruptly ended: July 22, 1996 — the date Lynda was brutally raped in her South-East London home.

Her terrifying ordeal — the full details of which are too disturbing to reveal in a family newspaper — lasted for several hours as her two young children slept in adjoining bedrooms.

Suffice to say, the injuries she sustained were so appalling she was unable to see her five-year-old daughter or four-year-old-son for six weeks for fear of distressing them.

‘I thought about killing myself but I couldn’t do it because of my children,’ says Lynda, now 45.

‘They were the only thing that kept me going — that and because I was so sure the police were going to catch the guy.

They said: “We’ve put his DNA on a database. As soon as he gets caught doing something else, it will come up.”’

But it didn’t. Instead, due to an extraordinary catalogue of police blunders — including mislaying crucial DNA evidence — her attacker was able to evade justice for 20 years.

In this time, he moved to Los Angeles, where he built a career as a music producer who could afford swanky apartments, Aston Martins and invitations to parties where he claims to have rubbed shoulders with the likes of Oscar-winning actor Leonardo Di Caprio.

But this summer, those star-studied parties ended when Pierre Antoine Bate, now 42, finally stood trial at Southwark Crown Court after the case was reopened by the Metropolitan Police’s cold case unit.

After just an hour of deliberation, the jury found him guilty on eight counts of raping Lynda.

Once he had been sentenced to 24 years in prison, jubilant police officers made much of how his conviction demonstrated their commitment to identifying and arresting such monsters ‘no matter how much time has passed’.

Try telling that to Lynda. For, until the cold case team became involved in 2011, police appeared to show woefully little interest in tracking down her attacker.

Instead, they fobbed her off, on occasion ridiculed her and even, after much of the evidence had been lost, swore blind her case ‘didn’t exist’.

In short, she was treated like a fantasist.

‘This wasn’t like an episode from an American crime series where dedicated cops battle away for years to catch the bad guys,’ she says.

‘It was more like being caught up in a film about a conspiracy.

‘I even phoned chief of police Paul Stephenson [former Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson] in 2008 to try to get him to do something for me, and was told by the woman officer who called me back: “I’m sorry, your case doesn’t exist. There is no crime report, no DNA, no statement.”

‘I said: “What do I do now?” She said: “I don’t really know.”

‘I was at breaking point. I’d been to so many different police stations over the years, and spoken to so many different officers literally begging for help, but none of them wanted to help me.

‘And now I was being told my case didn’t exist. I thought they were deliberately trying to drive me mad.

‘I was pacing the floor, literally pulling my hair out. I thought: “How am I ever going to end this?”

‘I was shaking. I could hardly breathe. I sat down and it was like an epiphany. I suddenly thought: “Oh my God — the Croydon Guardian.”’

The local newspaper had run a story shortly after the attack.

‘I thought: “However much the police say it didn’t exist, I can prove it did.” The report would have been archived in the library.

And so Lynda stayed the course until the filty, stinking savage was brought to justice. In the course of telling the rest of her story to the Daily Mail, politically incorrect, determined Lynda even describes her rapist as stinking. Of course, that’s racist. Right, mate?

The musty smelling, increasingly wealthy and violent Negro will hopefully die in prison. In all honesty, if I were serving a long stretch in the pen and I had the chance to give this vermin a shiv in the back, I’d gladly take that opportunity, the consequences be damned.

As one British citizen wrote in the comments at the Daily Mail about Britain, “This country is just awful.”

Sadly, America is next. White women have been deemed expendable by the left. The sacred Negro is an object of worship who can do no wrong.

We’re going to have to take up arms if Donald Trump is not elected or if he fails to restore law and order.


36 thoughts on “White Woman Had to Fight 20 YEARS to Get Police to Bring Her Negroid Rapist to Justice

  1. She fought for herself and never relented. So many times the doors of The System are slammed on the victim’s face, especially if one is a persistent woman because you are labeled a “harpy”, “Bitch”, “cunt”, whatever.

    The police would not have caught the the perp without her persistence. Kudos to HER.

  2. In Australia in the matter of pedophiles and old cases, the police deliberately sabotage the investigations in many cases.
    I personally witnessed this inside a police station. The Police Sergeant, a woman, called the Church concerned, gave her name, rank and police station, and asked about the perpetrator and learned he still worked for the church. I asked why this call was made and was told “we have to do this”.
    Naturally the perp disappeared, are not cops brilliant! He only had to call the identified police station and ask what job description the incompetent or corrupt Sgt held. He would have been told “Sexual Assault Officer”.
    Then for two or three years I was told he had left the country. This was false. Eventually he died of old age and was never charged with any crime. Cops love pedos, unless their own relatives get assaulted!
    My own theory about this is that cops in the past have shaken down so many pedos and maybe rapists like this black dude in the UK, that they do not want to arrest them. The criminal will report the past bribes and corruption.

      • If only White women were voting, Trump would lose, and lose big.

        I had a link breaking it down but can’t find it, but I think Trump would be pulling right over 100 electoral votes if only White women voted.

        If only White men voted, Trump would be pulling right over 400 electoral votes

        In all practical terms, White women are a force of destruction for Whites and the West

      • We men have some work to do with our women. The woman who gave me a dog is the only woman I know these days. She’s a huge Trump supporter. Her friend, a woman, is a no good lazy bum. She’s voting Hillary. Dog lady dumped her after 40 years of friendship!!!

      • We either exert our will and dominate them or we die as a people. White women are not, nor will they be our allies until we bring them to heal.

        I was at a business’s supper/ party/ event with this Cuban family last night. I never bring The Girls to such event but I regert doing so this time. White women critize my Girls for tending to me. Regularly. Same for our growing family.

        Last night, all the Cuban women were thin, well dressed, gracious, happily tending to the men and childern. I, a stranger, was welcomed into their home and served by kimdly women all night. As a group they cleaned up after everyone, moved thinga around as different courses where presented. Cherfully. When it came time for buiness, they quietly policed up the kids and left the two of us to talk.

        I have not seen anything like that out of White women need many a year. Not since my paternal grandma. Unless I am visiting the Amish friends from where I did high school.

        It’s nights like that which creates the greatest level of pessimism in me. most White men are not hard hearted enough to deal with the modern White woman, Latino and Asian women value White men much higher then White women, and both groups display better help mate and mothering traits.

        There are much more appealing options potential wife options for the typical good hearted easy going White man. I am extremely popular with women because I am the polar opposite of what White women claim they want.

        Most guys don’t have that in them.

      • The PTA mothers at my son’s school are All White. They raise money for the school via events, party planning etc. The PTA is wonderful

        My daughter’s speech pathologist is White and she is kind and loving, as are all the staff at my daughter’s school.

        Most of the women at my mother’s church that organize events etc are white. They are kind and loving. All the teachers who teach Sunday school for FREE are White.

        I am sorry that you have had bad experiences with White Women. Sorry but many of the Cubans and Puerto Ricans I see on East coast are chubby and loud.

        Maybe the ones you saw are an exception.

        Anyway, my mom tends to my dad. Stop looking for the bad.

        Yes there is divorce etc, but even then I see people working it out where I live.

        If you look for teh bad you will find it.

  3. There is more to the story than meets the eye here. I went to the link at DM. Apparently this man had been stocking this woman for months and broke into her home a number of times prior to the rape. This stalking from this man occurred AFTER her separation and divorce from her husband.

    Often times perps are paid by bitter exes to harass and then kill their ex-wives or hubbies. Was this the case here?

    This man had a history of prior rapes as well.

    Who knows? But why the cover up? Interestingly when her case finally broke through, it was because a woman at the precinct told her she would get help…..so much for minority-friendly women (sarcasm).

    There is much more to this story…Negroes are often paid by Other Whites to do the harassing of whites, specifically White Women who are single or divorced. Or Negroes are used by the Mafia or embittered Whites to beat up White Males who own a business and did not “pay up”.

    This Nog is a POS, but he was PAID to do this. He was given cover to get out of the country.

    More to the story than meets the eye and there are Corrupt Traitor Whites behind it. The Darkie is a Distraction.

  4. I got banned by the DM for pointing out the obvious in a similar case a year or two back. You are allowed to be shocked and appalled in the comments there, but you must never say why.

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