Watch POS Obama Encourage Illegals to Vote

To repeat, there is no rule of law in America anymore.

The arrogant bastard son of a Kenyan goat herder just told you and spit in your face while doing it.

20 thoughts on “Watch POS Obama Encourage Illegals to Vote

      • Appalachia.

        Remember when Obama was running and the Whites in Appalachia told reporters they’d never vote for a nigger? Over and over again.

        Probably the best place for Whites to hold out long term.

  1. Don’t get distracted by the flashing lights and non stories just go and vote Trump if you haven’t already. Stay focused, all this Comey FBI garbage is just more distraction, they did it with brexit they tied every trick in the book. If you are easily fooled then don’t watch the crap on TV and even on the web remember there are trillions of dollars at stake here and on the other hand your future. They are trying to give you the impression that all is lost and you may as well stay home DON’T! go and vote Trump now.

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