Trump Attacker Austyn Crites Claims He’s the VICTIM


A crazy looking Clinton supporter attemtpted to attack Donald Trump at his Reno, Nevada rally on Saturday. Watch:

The Twitterverse isn’t taking Austyn Crites whining very well.

So who is Austyn Crites? Researchers are still working on that but I think I’ve put together what we know at 1 A.M. Central Time U.S.


The Hillary Clinton supporter at the center of the incident that sparked the Secret Service to rush Donald Trump off a Reno, Nevada rally stage claims he’s a Republican who was just holding a sign.

Austyn Crites, 33, was holding a “Republicans Against Trump” sign when he found himself in the center of the commotion. On Facebook, he refers to Trump as a fascist and a dictator and admits he’s supporting Clinton.

Crites, who was questioned and later released, was rushed out of the Nevada rally by law enforcement in a dramatic scene as Secret Service agents suddenly pulled Trump off stage when someone shouted “gun.” However, no gun was found.

One reporter said that people might have mistaken a sign Crites was holding for a weapon. Crites told a BBC reporter he was “saved” by the police. The incident comes as the polls are very tight in Nevada, with Trump leading slightly in the margin of error in polling averages and ahead by more in recent polls, but early voting tallies leading some experts to predict the state will go for Clinton. If Trump loses Nevada, his pathway to the presidency gets a lot tougher.

Five to six Trump supporters jumped on the man. It was when he was on the ground, witnesses said, that there were shouts of “he’s got a gun”

One witness tells me he thinks that a folded up poster or sign that he saw the man holding was misidentified as a weapon, sparking panic.

Although some Trump supporters have speculated that Crites could be a Democratic plant, Crites has been registered to vote as a Republican in Nevada since 2011.

One man with the same last name as Crites wrote on Facebook after the rally, “Bro, we support you. It’s a sad day when a devout republican, eagle scout, lover of our country and all that it stands for, stands up again a threat to our nation, and get’s his ass beat as a result. We love you and back your decision to voice your concern!”

After the incident, some Trump supporters raised the Project Veritas undercover video allegations from earlier in the year that allegedly showed Democratic operatives planting people to incite violence at Trump rallies. As CNN put it, “an edited video suggested that he (Robert Creamer) and other staffers hired people to attend Donald Trump’s campaign rallies and incite violence.” The “he” refers to Robert Creamer, a prominent Democratic operative who had visited the White House many times and was assisting the Democratic National Committee with the Clinton campaign.

However, there is no evidence that Crites is tied to any of that and, as noted, records show he’s been registered as a Republican since before Trump announced he was running for president.

Internet sleuths quickly found the name “Austyn Crites” in a WikiLeaks file:

The Wikileaks file shows a list of 1,500 people who purchased the book The Next Decade put out by globalist Deep State corporation Stratfor.

The leftist Guardian has an interview with sewer rat Crites, who could have gotten somebody killed with his cheap stunt. The quote comes from The Guardian, a despicable leftist rag that has slanted today’s incident as being TOTALLY TRUMP’S FAULT. It’s just more bullsh*t from the mainstream media.

Meanwhile, citizen journalists posting blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc. are doing the research the MSM won’t do. I can’t confirm the accuracy of the following flowchart, but at least someone is not taking Crites at face value.

I’m reasonably certain that it was nutjob Crites who yelled “gun,” in order to stir up some sh*t.

Crites supports Hillary when he could support Johnson, Stein, or write in Bernie or even Jeb Bush.

One last thing. For a guy who claims to have taken a vicious beating the pictures of Austyn Crites I’ve seen show him looking fit as a fiddle.

10 thoughts on “Trump Attacker Austyn Crites Claims He’s the VICTIM

  1. There isn’t much doubt about how the (((MSM))) will swing with this and Crites probably was an operative engaged in a set-up. We may not know all the facts for now, but the media uses these to get their points across loudly before the facts have a chance to be fairly determined.

    Here is one you will want to see, Saboteur. In fact they are two. The first one is analogous to your story on Crite. The second one below that is one that should be considered VITAL information for every American no matter who they plan to vote for.

    “Associated Press reporter admits faking news stories for Hillary Clinton.”

    • Thanks for that info. Going off on Statfor would have cluttered up the central theme of this post. I’m glad you’ve posted this material for folks who don’t know about Stratfor. They’re right up the road from me in Austin, Texas, where there’s a lot of Deep State activity going on at the University of Texas.

  2. Check out the 10 names or so on that Stratfor list. Not one Smith, Jones, Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Lee, Beauregard, Grant and so on.
    Instead Crites, Hingoranya, Rajendra, Arness, Culp, Aoc, Kreitler. Jew SA! Jew SA!
    There is one name, Davis, who may be a Protestant, or would have been 150 years ago.

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