No Reasonable Prosecutor …

The highly perceptive Karl Denninger speaks a blunt truth about America in light of today’s announcement by FBI Director James Comey exonerating Hillary Clinton.



…. would bring charges for someone allowing their uncleared, foreign-national maid to have access to classified material, including the Presidential Daily Briefing (which is Top Secret), on a daily basis. — James Comey, FBI Director.

That’s not a joke folks. It is in fact exactly what James Comey has now said — twice. First on national television, and now again in print.

Read here; our Constitutional Republic is truly dead and the FBI is no longer a law enforcement agency.

It is merely a gun-toting gang that forces the people, under pain of being murdered, to allow blatant and outrageous abuses of the law to be committed by certain privileged individuals — including Hillary Clinton. Every single one of the 35,000+ FBI employees has confirmed through their action or inaction, this fact.

It is finished.

If there are any patriots in the FBI now, they must act quickly because they’ve been stabbed in the back along with the rest of us.

4 thoughts on “No Reasonable Prosecutor …

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  3. More distraction, I know it’s all juicy goss but remember Palladin what’s at stake.
    During Brexit even I had my doubts and considered staying home but I didn’t and we won. The jew judges are trying to overturn the vote right now but they have no chance, the people have spoken. Do your duty and Vote Trump.

    Sorry to labour the point but it’s so important.

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