Maine Gov.: I’m not letting any more refugees into state

maine refugees

We like Maine’s Republican Governor Paul LePage here. He’s always doing something politically incorrect that outrages the ACLU and liberals.

CBS News

PORTLAND — Maine Governor Paul LePage says he’s making big changes to how Maine participates in the federal refugee resettlement program, CBS affiliate WGME reports.

Friday afternoon, when the governor was in the WGME studio, he said the state would stop helping resettle refugees here in Maine.

He’s sent a letter to the president, ending the state’s participation in the program.

It’s a controversial move, but he says he’s just lost confidence in the federal government’s ability to safely and responsibly run the refugee program.

In the letter, he goes on to say he no longer wants Maine associated with that shortcoming.

He cites an example of a refugee living in Freeport, who went back to Syria and died fighting for ISIS.

He says the state has also found welfare fraud especially prevalent within the refugee community, but during our interview, he stressed safety, and concerns the program puts American lives at risk.

“The president of the United States is bringing in immigrants from Syria without vetting them,” LePage said. “He says they’re vetted; how do you vet someone you don’t have records on? I just sent him a letter today we’re pulling out of the refugee program.”

Texas, Kansas and New Jersey have also cut ties with the fed’s refugee resettlement program.

While the state can’t block refugees from entering, it can refuse to help with the process, which is what appears to be happening here.

A spokesperson for Catholic Charities of Maine said they were disappointed in the decision.

“We have had a good working relationship with the State over many years on the refugee resettlement program and we are disappointed in this decision. And we are disappointed the governor did not contact us directly,” says Judy Katzel, chief communications & development officer for Catholic Charities Maine.

The ACLU released a statement following the governor’s remarks: “Gov. LePage wants to make us afraid of people who are different from us by saying things that are not true. The truth is, refugees are the most heavily vetted people in this country. Thankfully, the governor does not have the power to stop refugees from coming to Maine. Maine is a welcoming state, and we will continue to welcome refugees with open arms.”

paul legpage

8 thoughts on “Maine Gov.: I’m not letting any more refugees into state

  1. The ACLU is nuts. Maine is NOT a welcoming state; anything but. It is the ONLY state of the (5) I’ve lived where I’m automatically disliked because I’m from “away”. Their dislike is so obvious its actually visceral. When in a group of “Main-ahs” there’s a palpable tension in the room. I find the residents are more hospitable and urbane in the southern part of Maine but considering how big the state is, that encompasses a small segment. But I digress. These humanitarian groups such as Catholic Charities cater to Somalians, providing them with things many Maine natives don’t have as the jobs are few and the wages low. I worked as the nurse manager in one of the larger jails (in a city where half of the Somalis have settled) and saw first hand the programs and assistance provided for them. I think I wrote in another one of your posts about the time I took an elderly woman to an SSA office and was shocked to see so many Somalis there. Mothers with teens texting on their newest version iPhones. Made me sick. They’ve integrated into the Lewiston area, a city with historical French-Canadian connections that still has a large Franco-American culture. I remember shortly after moving to Maine I stopped at an ATM in Lewiston and found the language choices were French or English. Huge shock as I was accustomed to English or Spanish. Having said that, Gov. LePage makes me sick as well. He tries to emulate the pugilistic Gov Chris Christie but fails. Christie has class whereas LePage is simply an ass. Any governor that calls a state official and leaves an extremely profanity laden VM should be taken straight to a psychiatric ward. He’s on the TrumpTrain now but has openly said Trump was not his first choice but rather his third.

    Just some general information about Somalis in Maine. The rest of them are still over there working as pirates.

    • Katz is almost always of Jewish origin. She may just be a shiksa who married one; but it general (((they))) infiltrate Christian based charities in order to undermine local White cultures. Using the goodness of people’s hearts is their most tried and true method…

    • “Why can the Muslims take over Europe today? Sermon on the Battle of Vienna & Feast of the Holy Name of Mary, when the Turks invaded & were defeated marking the end of Muslim expansion. Asking the question why can they now do what they couldn’t 500yrs ago? ”

      Times change. Position’s reverse.Inertia.Critical mass.
      Momentum. Cold vengeance.Pax Caucasian.
      Veni, Vidi, Deus Vicit.
      Deus Vult.

      Where there’s White there’s Hope.Faith and Charity.
      Not the yid ordure that is value’s.
      Virtue’s don’t change.

      As Bishop Williamson was quoted, “I hate those filthy shitkikeniggerwogfagvermin”.

      He went on to smash a half empty whiskey bottle into the face of the bulldyke interviewer’s face.
      Disfiguring it for what passes for “life” in such circles.

      Two Our Father’s, Three Hail Mary’s, a Rosary and fresh bottle of Maker’s Mark later. He somehow managed to forgive the lesbian for its fine bourbon spilling depredations.
      Despite i may add, the stubborn refusal by the sapphic
      fat-back to extend anything by way of apology!!??!!?

      The very acme of “turning the other cheek”.

      So it’s light and shade essentially!

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