Attractive Young Female Gets Naked to Show Her Support for the Donald

The Trump supporter you’re going to meet in this post is a registered Democrat. Yet, she loves Donald J. Trump, that disgusting orange man who said mean things about women.


There’s a long story on naked Chelsy Zelasko at the link and more pictures. Here’s an excerpt:

Better than the weekend

You’re posing nude. You’re putting yourself in a situation where people could, and likely will, judge you. Why?

As soon as people see these photos, they’re going to instantly judge me. They’re going to see this American white girl with an American flag, nude, and they’re going to think I’m trying to get attention for the wrong reasons. When people think of naked bodies, they instantly think of sex and touching and perversion and that shouldn’t be the case. They should look past that to wonder why I’m doing this. They don’t know my history. They don’t know anything about me. They probably won’t know that I have a bachelor’s degree or that I’ve donated my hair to Locks of Love because I thought some other girl needed my hair more than I do. They probably won’t know I’m a registered voter and that I’m posing in what I consider to be a beautiful art form to show gratitude for the beautiful art form that is our democracy. Being able to vote for your leader is a big deal. The media has made this election out to be like a cage fight, but the concept of voting for your president is beautiful and empowering, and that’s why I’m doing this, to remind people of that.

As a woman, you’re okay with a president who has spoken negatively about women and joked about sexual assault?

Let’s be honest, just because we’re women doesn’t mean we don’t talk disgusting about men. I’ve done it before and my friends have done it before. I’ve said things to my girlfriends before like, ‘I ripped his clothes off the other night,’ or ‘I’d tie him down and fuck him.’ But it doesn’t mean I can’t be a professional outside of private conversations. We all talk or behave in some way that we wouldn’t want the world to know. I think it’s an unrealistic expectation to expect Donald Trump to fit the mold of a life-long traditional politician who has a background of treading carefully with what they say so they don’t offend anyone.

chelsy zelasko2

And a final look at patriot Chelsy. I hope she and all Trump supporters are still smiling after the election results come in.

27 thoughts on “Attractive Young Female Gets Naked to Show Her Support for the Donald

  1. I have no problem with this. I have sent nude pics of myself to a significant other and sexted. Why not?

    Would not do it for any politician though, as they are all self-centered douchebags.

    I serve the needy and not the greedy.

  2. This girl just wants some excuse to get naked, plan and simple. Good looking enough, though the tattoos are a drawback in my opinion. Over all, this is rank silliness.

    • I would rather see her scantily clad than hoez like Rihanna. Let us seem some white skin in place of the Brown Biaches. Put that back in the crapper where it belongs.

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