Another One! Veteran Kicked Out of Restaurant Because of Tiny Service Dog


OK, it may seem that we’ve talked this topic to death, but there’s new information to consider.

According to this story, the Americans with Disabilities Act requires that businesses accept service dogs on the premises AND they are not allowed to ask for proof that the creature is in fact a certified service dog.

That’s insane. I could claim my pet poodle (if I had one) is a service dog and take him with me everywhere.

There are people who need service dogs, but there are people who want to scam the system by claiming they have or need to have a service dog.

All of these conflicts over service dogs we’ve covered here the last week scream one thing: The ADA is a make work for lawyers act.


Army veteran Steve McAlpin is angry after he says he and his service dog Reagan were kicked out of the Atlantic Family Restaurant in Webster.

“If you have a service dog that is calm and trained to work with a handler,” he says, “there should be no problem.”

Although the event happened back in July, he says it’s been eating him up.

“If I didn’t speak up for myself and them,” he says, “it would be just totally not only illegal, but set me back several weeks or months from my recovery.”

He claims that the owner asked him to leave the restaurant because he had a service dog with him. He says he showed the owner a card identifying himself as a veteran and Reagan as his service dog, he was still kicked out.

“I had a little plastic card with the ADA law in the back- Americans with Disabilities card- and he didn’t care about that,” McAlpin says, “‘That’s a fake card, everything was fake’… and I needed to leave.”

McAlpin admits that he then had a heated argument with the owner. Voices were raised, he says, and he eventually had to call police to settle things down with the owner.

“I told him we bled for you,” he says, “for this country.”

“And I told him we have rights. I wish I didn’t need a dog, I wish didn’t have stress and other abnormalities after I got back, but I do.”

“It took a lot of courage to stand up and say, ‘I’ve got a problem and I need some help with it.’”

The owner of the restaurant has declined to go on camera or give a direct quote, but says that he had asked McAlpin for Reagan’s paperwork, but that he didn’t have any at the time. He says that they had a heated argument and other customers were becoming uncomfortable.

He also says he understands the disability law, and that had he been presented the dog’s documents, Reagan and McAlpin would have been allowed to stay.

However, under the Americans with Disabilities Act, business owners cannot demand proof that the animal is certified. However, if it is not apparent that the dog is a service animal, they may ask the person if the dog is a service animal required because of a disability.

McAlpin stands by his story:

“I want the owner to realize that I’d love an apology, but the mindset is what I’d really like to have changed.”

The owner has given no indications that such an apology will be coming to McAlpin. In fact, he says that it should be McAlpin to apologize for “causing trouble and disrupting business.”

America has spun out of control. Nobody has any consideration for anyone else. We need a new country, but definitely NOT the kind of country envisioned by Hillary Clinton. Rather, we need a country based on blood, race, family, and God. There’ll be plenty of room for man’s best friend in our country, but not so much conflict.


smiling dog

3 thoughts on “Another One! Veteran Kicked Out of Restaurant Because of Tiny Service Dog

  1. White men or animals are without standing in the Amerika of today. No matter how kind or giving you are merely a resource to be exploted or kicked to the curb when your usefullness is expended.

  2. The vet should always carry papers, just like illegals should have evidence they are citizens in a country that obeys laws. HA! I feel sorry for this elderly vet and his dog, regardless of whether his dog is legit. He might be all alone, his dog all he has. I think most restaurants would not ask.

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