Poll: Majority Now Think Hillary Did Something Illegal

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What’s wrong with stupid Americans? At least 80 percent ought to be thinking that Hillary did something illegal, not a paltry 53 percent.

There’s so much to pick from: treason, money laundering, conspiracy to commit murder, influence pedaling, underage sex, security breaches. I’m sure that the amateur lawyers among us could come up with more charges.


A majority of voters believe Hillary Clinton has done something illegal, according to a new McClatchy-Marist Poll days before the presidential election.

A total of 83 percent of likely voters believe that Clinton did something wrong – 51 percent saying she did something illegal and 32 percent saying she something unethical but not illegal. Just 14 percent said she’s done nothing wrong.

By comparison, 79 percent think Donald Trump did something wrong, though not nearly as many think he did something illegal. Just 26 percent think he’s done something illegal, while 53 percent think he’s dome something unethical but not illegal. Just 17 percent think he’s done nothing wrong.

The deep suspicion of Clinton is likely a top reason she’s lost much of her lead and the race for the White House has tightened in the race’s closing days.

In a four-way race, the two are neck and neck with Clinton supported by 44 percent and Trump by 43 percent. Libertarian Gary Johnson has 6 percent, and the Green Party’s Jill Stein has 2 percent.

In a two-way match up, Clinton has 46 percent, Trump 44 percent.

Both candidates are disliked.

Clinton gets a favorable rating from just 40 percent while 57 percent have unfavorable views of her. Voters have a 61 percent to 36 percent unfavorable-favorable rating of Trump.

“This is practically off the charts,” said Lee Miringoff, the director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion in New York, which conducted the nationwide survey. “You have candidates coming before the electorate with enormous baggage.”

Clinton has been dogged for the entire campaign by questions about her personal email account and her family foundation. Now, the final days of the campaign have been shadowed by the news that the FBI is examining new emails.

Hillary claimed her 33,000 deleted emails were about yoga classes and wedding planning. Did this vile creature ever do any work? Probably not, but her attention was surely not on yoga and weddings, but on raising money for the Clinton Foundation, money that would be spent supporting the Clinton’s luxurious lifestyle.

You have to believe that she lied to the FBI and Congress about yoga and weddings. But those emails are gone, right? Bleached away.

Not so fast.


17 thoughts on “Poll: Majority Now Think Hillary Did Something Illegal

  1. I agree that 80% or more should be aware that the Hildabeast and her cohorts have committed crimes….of high treason……but SIGH……here in Jew England 80% or more feel Hildabeast will be a GREAT white house resident. They also believe that Barry Insane Soetoro-Obama is the BEST white house resident the former USA has ever had………………WE ARE DOOMED

  2. Didn’t the (((media))) demand Nixon’s resignation because of a lie ? So what’s changed ?

    In Britain, we hear about Neo-Nazis, fascists all the time from the left and the (((media))).

    But nobody, except them, has ever sen them.

  3. Hillary is fear. Hillary is the mind-killer. Hillary is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face Hillary and allow her to pass over me and through me. Trump is the killing word. I will vote Trump!

  4. So many people, despite TV’s decline because of the many people who are awakening, still rely on jew media (MSM) for their “information”. None of them are intelligently aware, nor are the recently imported “immigrants” into our country who don’t know or care whether the top people in government are crooks and worse. The “immigrant” foreigners are accustomed to that in the countries from which they come, and the TV watchers have always been dumb. They still make up a large proportion of the “votes”, even when the polls have not been rigged.

    A little poem I ran across is nice, as it reflects the state of politics with Hillary.
    A Congressional Hebrew named Weiner,

    Had quite a perverted demeanor.

    He was kicked off the Hill,

    For acting like Bill.

    Now Congress is one Weiner leaner.

    Moral: Tweet your meat, lose your seat.
    Even Hillary’s campaign materials should disqualify her from consideration from the standpoint of real Americans. Note this video from her STAR supporters at the link below.

    “FOUL-MOUTHED Celebrities For HILLARY Sing Vulgar Song With Baby In Arms: ‘Jesus F*cking Christ,’ Please Vote” [VIDEO]


    -Author Unknown

  5. Saboteur – That “-Author Unknown” should have appeared following the poem. Please don’t overlook that video at the bottom!

  6. Hillary has been crooked and unethical from her very start when she was assisting in the witchhunt type of prosecution of Nixon in the cooked-up Watergate Committee, from which she was fired. These facts went uncontested from when the first came out, but now there is a plethora of faked up and jewed up (Snopes) sites which claim it’s untrue. Read and make up your own mind.

    “Zeifman told the columnist he fired Clinton because she was a liar.

    “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer,” Zeifman said. “She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”


  7. Paladin,

    You MUST read this posted on 4chan by an anonymous FBI agent. At first, I was suspect he wasn’t, but knows too much. Says he and most of the FBI supports Trump. He’s not a Hillary plant. He says the FBI knows White genocide is going on. Covers Hillary, particularly, the Clinton Foundation. What is going on in the government is much worse than we thought. He says it would cause a civil war if all exposed. Verifies pedophilia, not only with her, but with govt officials, as well. Says she sold national security info to foreign countries. Says Jews hate Whites, fear them with guns.

    Says Holocaust a lie. Mossad caused 911. And, yes, Hillary is involved in the murders we suspect. Russia wants Ukraine back, but just wants to be left alone. It is a White Nationalist country wanting to stay that way. Much much more.

    Not sure what to make of the extraterrestrial question when he says yes, later confuses the issue.

    Ignore the first question by a recent college graduate about a possible Hillary pregnancy. The rest are good.

    Take note of the dates. The first is from July 2, so it’s a bit outdated, but the best. It’s late…didn’t post in order.

    http://pastebin.com/hgW5q5Kx – July 2, 2016

    http://pastebin.com/kRjKPK1H – November 4, 2016

    http://pastebin.com/VWbqXyPy – September 26, 2016

    http://pastebin.com/36Q0yKSM – November 5, 2016

    If I find more, will post.

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