Inspirational Quote of the Day: David Duke on Jews

If the quotes hold out, there’ll be one new David Duke quote per day until election day. Duke is running to be a U.S. Senator from the state of Louisiana.

8 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote of the Day: David Duke on Jews

  1. Hopefully that Cajun who posts here will vote David Duke!
    Duke is right about the Jew hatred for the whites. No other reason can explain their non stop attempt to wipe us off the face of the earth.

    • She hasn’t commented here for a while. Her thing was mixed race music and food. She kept claiming everyone in Louisiana is part black. Lots are, but not in north Louisiana, which is Baptist, unlike south Louisiana, which is Catholic and Cajun-French.

  2. Is David Duke 100% Adamite (pure White; an Israelite) or mixed and simply doing Gen 12:3a, much of his time of existence? When you study someone’s face and their fruit (overall behavior) Matt 25:41 or Matt 25:34 can be discerned.

  3. Whenever someone blames Jews for whatever, in an instance someone else would frantically oppose. If disgruntled Jew jumps up, I can understand that, but when misinformed dummies follow the same pattern, than it’s a different story that needs some enlightening.

    Like it or not, it’s always JEWS, more precisely AshkeNAZI Jews, behind every shit on this planet. All wars (at least in the last 200 years) were Bankster’s wars and Jews dominate in banking. AshkeNAZI Jews in America dominate in Government, Administration, SCOTUS, FED, Financial “Industry”, Wall Street, MSM, Entertainment, Academia, Education, and in extremely aggressive and influential NGOs like SPLC and ADL (Anti-Defamation League). In US demographics they are only 2%. They do not dominate just for being the smartest; they are successful because they operate as Sicilian Mafia, as a closed tight entity that does exploit their existence practically on the basis of prerogatives.

    They INFLUENCE Washington’s policy thru AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), AJC (American Jewish Congress), RJC (Republican Jewish Coalition), NJDC (National Jewish Democratic Council) and here is the whole list of all Jewish lobbies in the US –

    They are also architects of “multiculturalism”/”diversity”, and of course they are behind these MASSIVE movements from Third World under pretext of “immigration” and “refuge”. Just check the names; AshkeNAZI Jews are behind almost EVERY shit that plagues First World. Of course they are not alone; Global Mega-Corporations and corrupted politicians like Clintons collaborate in a perfect synergy with them. However, the real disaster are Lefty liberally retarded masses that willingly follow and swallow all this shit.

    Mighty US Military serves EXCLUSIVELY to this Imperial Mafia, and not in a defense of volatile and flowery phrases “freedoms” and “democracy”.

    Whatever country AshkeNAZI Jews reside, they are not loyal citizens. They also are not Americans, or any other nationality, they are just Jews, loyal to THEMSELVES ONLY. Their hearts and minds, since ancient times, belong to their Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) or Israel, only.

    To put this fucking planet in an acceptable order incriminated AshkeNAZI Jews should be tried and prosecuted, while the rest should go in their Israel, never to return. Eventually remaining Jews should be banned to hold governmental or any other influential positions and excluded from Financial Institutions, for good.

      • Correct lewgc and robert save one thing – Palestine/israel is not and never has been ‘theirs’. Their claim to being Hebrews or ancient/Biblical Israelites is false – and they admit it themselves in their own writings – to bolster their standing and allow them to parasitically exist off of us.

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