BREAKING! Heroic Trump Back on Stage At Reno Rally After Supporters Wrestle Would-Be Assassin to the Ground


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A thousand years from now, if there is still a white race in existence, the legend of the Donald will be spoken of in hushed tones by the men, women, and children gathered around their campfires.

Daily Mail

Secret Service agents rushed Donald trump offstage on Saturday evening during a rally in Reno, Nevada after they determined a protester in the audience with a gun posed a threat to the Republican presidential candidate.

‘Go! Go!’ agents shouted as they whisked him away and a combination of local police and private security wrestled the suspect to the ground.

Thousands of people scattered like a sea of bodies, screams rang out and authorities dragged the man away as he kicked and strained. At this time a motive is not clear.

Trump returned to the stage just five minutes later.

‘Nobody said it was going to be easy for us,’ Trump declared. ‘But we will never be stopped. Never, never be stopped.’

‘I want to thank the Secret Service. These guys are fantastic. They don’t get enough credit. They don’t get enough credit. They’re amazing people.’

Trump had spotted the protester and claimed he was a Hillary Clinton supporter before asking security to ‘take him out.’

As he returned to his speech, Trump thanked a group of fans near the stage who had stepped in to subdue his would-be attacker.
‘You were amazing, fellas,’ he said.

More photos and stories at the Daily Mail. More here as this developing situation is clarified.

14 thoughts on “BREAKING! Heroic Trump Back on Stage At Reno Rally After Supporters Wrestle Would-Be Assassin to the Ground

  1. When Trump came back on stage and thanked and praised the Secret Service and said they don’t get enough credit, it made me think of how badly Hillary treats the agents that are assigned to protect her.

  2. I was there ….10 feet from where it happened….great rally ruined by lone wolf disrupter…..when he was carried away he was mumbling “I’m ok”and “it’s alright”….I believe he was released….strange….

      • “Dumb eyes” Mr. Mccloud?… That hurts….
        Bad choice of words for saying the event was “ruined”…
        But Cartier….Crites we found out, was on a wikileaks list and may have been there for a more nefarious reason than peaceful dissent…he was not alone, and he charged forward toward the front of the crowd in a threatening manner….
        If you were in a theater or at a Hitlery rally, and someone did the same, would you have the foreknowledge that he wasn’t armed…and take no action?…probably …because my dumb eyes don’t see it that way, and your dumb ass, after the fact comment reflects that your ignorance is overshadowed by your stupidity….

      • Yes I did, however, when I saw the piece on the news yesterday when it first happened, the notion of a “gun” was quickly dismissed and “no assassination” attempt was clearly stated. I will say Dump’s handlers were correct and efficient in getting him off the stage, just in case.

  3. Sorry “Cartier” that I have “dumb eyes”….? I stayed and watched President elect (to be) Trump finish his speech….Crites was a paid a-hole who was there to disrupt the gathering….mentioned and on the list disclosed by wikileaks multiple times…now playing the victim…
    Let hope you Mccloud, are never in a situation at a theater or your favorite nightclub where someone…just for the sake of dissent or a gripe…brings the crowd to the floor with a veiled or real threat…he knocked people over and there were two of them…one towards the back and Crites pushed forward….hope it doesn’t “ruin”…(my poor choice of words) your night…

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