Beautiful College Girl Drug Dealer Murdered by Two Latinos After Two Nonwhite Police Failed to Respond to Call


Two affirmative action Negro police officers have been fired by the LAPD for failing to respond to a call that reported screaming inside Andrea DelVesco’s apartment. The politically correct LAPD has not released photos of the bumbling lazy Negros, but I’ve confirmed they are black via a photo search.

The lovely Andrea Delvesco’s fate was sealed by nonwhites coming and going. Her alleged killers were wetbacks, burglarizing homes in the area. They also left her little chihuahua to die in the fire they set to cover up their crime.

Daily Mail

Two veteran Los Angeles Police Department officers have been fired for failing to check on a UCLA student who was heard screaming inside her apartment, where she was later found stabbed to death.

According to confidential police records, court filings and other documents obtained by CNN, officers Rhoadell Sudduth and Alisha Williams were terminated over the way they handled a 911 call that was made by Andrea DelVesco’s upstairs neighbor on the morning of September 21, 2015.

The records reportedly revealed that Sudduth and Williams did not knock on DelVesco’s door or try to access her apartment, and left just six minutes after they arrived.

About 30 minutes after the cops’ departure, DelVesco’s unit was set on fire.

When firefighters put out the flames and entered the college student’s home, they discovered her charred remains inside. The woman had been brutally stabbed before her apartment was set alight.

Two college students, Alberto Medina and Eric Marquez, both 23, were arrested a few days later in connection to DelVesco’s killing.
In March of this year, both men were ordered to stand trial in the case.

‘If they had gone into the apartment, maybe Andrea would be alive today,’ the victim’s mother, Leslie DelVesco, said of the LAPD officers. ‘It astounds me and horrifies me that the police could have left and not made sure that all the girls in the apartment were OK.

Robert Rico, an attorney representing now-former officers Sudduth and Williams, told CNN his clients were not to blame for Andrea DelVesco’s murder.

Rico insisted that Sudduth, a 21-year veteran, and Williams, an officer with seven years on the job, exercised due diligence in searching the exterior of the building but concluded there was insufficient evidence of a crime to begin knocking on doors and waking up tenants.

The lawyer argued that knocking on DelVesco’s door would not have saved her because ‘she was dead before the officers got there.’
But the victim’s family questioned the lawyer’s assertions.

‘We’ll never know if when they responded to the initial 911 call, if Andrea was alive or not. But we do know the fire hadn’t been set then. So no matter what, we could have seen Andrea as we remembered her before her body was so badly burned.’


On September 29, 2015 I wrote about this case:

Medina could face the death penalty if the DA goes for it. Both of these scum offer evidence that Donald Trump is right. Mexico is sending us her criminals. The fact that one of them was able to attend the prestigious UCLA shows just how badly screwed white youth are by “die-versity.” The fact that he was going to be a medical doctor says even worse things about American higher education.

Continuing with the Daily Mail story:

The LAPD has released a statement that read, in part, that the department ‘took swift action to hold Department personnel accountable for mistakes made in the initial stages of the investigation.’

At 6.18am on September 21, 2015, a 911 dispatch center got a call from Sarah Muhr who said she heard screams and the sounds of a dog barking and whimpering seemingly coming from the unit directly beneath her apartment.

The woman, who was also a student at UCLA and knew DelVesco well, also recounted for the dispatcher that earlier that morning, she had seen a man in a tank top and baseball cap fleeing from the building on Roebling Avenue in the Westwood section of Los Angeles.

Four police officers were sent to the scene in two vehicles, among them Sudduth and Williams.

The two veteran cops interviewed Muhr about what she heard and witnessed that morning and then proceeded to inspect the exterior of the apartment complex, checking doors and windows for signs of a break-in.

Sudduth wrote in a report cited by CNN that he saw his partner shine a flashlight into Andrea DelVesco’s bedroom and living room, but there was no one there.

‘No evidence of a crime,’ Sudduth concluded.

All four officers then got back in their patrol vehicles and left.
A short time later, Sarah Muhr said she heard a loud bang from DelVesco’s apartment. She looked outside and saw the same man she had seen earlier jumping from her neighbor’s balcony. She also saw flames pouring out of DelVesco’s bedroom.

Muhr dialed 911 again, 40 minutes after placing the first call, and was asked to repeat the description of the suspect she had given earlier that morning. She asked the dispatcher to send over an ambulance.

It took more than 30 firefighters about 15 minutes to put out the blaze inside DelVesco’s apartment, which was equipped with working smoke alarms, and there were no bars on the windows to prevent her from escaping the flames and smoke.

When they finally entered the co-ed’s bedroom, they found her lying dead on her bed, her face burned beyond recognition. An autopsy later revealed that the UCLA psychology major and Pi Beta Phi sorority sister had sustained 19 knife wounds.

A coroner determined that DelVesco likely had died before the fire started.

Her dog, a Chihuahua-terrier mix, suffered severe injuries in the fire and had to be put down.

DelVesco was murdered just days before she was due in court to answer for charges she possessed meth, mushrooms, ecstasy and LSD with an intent to distribute.

Alberto Medina, a student at Fresno State University, has been charged with one count of capital murder and is eligible for the death penalty.

Eric Marquez, a UCLA fifth-year undergraduate student, was charged with one count of murder and two counts of first-degree burglary.

Prosecutors allege the two men, who were friends from high school, burglarized a home across the street from DelVesco’s apartment, after which Medina broke into her unit and stabbed her to death.

Marquez, who was waiting in the car, then allegedly helped his friend cover up the slaying.

Medina and Marquez both have pleaded not guilty and are awaiting trial.

27 thoughts on “Beautiful College Girl Drug Dealer Murdered by Two Latinos After Two Nonwhite Police Failed to Respond to Call

  1. When I was a young boy, California was a surfers paradise. Blond girls and sunshine. Now it’s Mexifornia. It used to be be always republican, now it is the mother of all welfare states. All this in my lifetime.

  2. This girl is typical of the kind GenX and Y grow up with. The air of invincibility and overconfidence, the air of “I’m so hot and have a vagina too” untouchability is oozing out of those photos. She thought she could do anything, including enter into a man’s (under)world and still have her ass kissed like she used to. I am fluctuating between sympathy and schadenfreude.

    • Why would you want bad things to happen to people who do not go out of their way to hurt you? What did this girl do to you personally for you to want to inflict pain on her

      • I did not say that and you know it VB. She did not effect me personally, but otherwise went to waste by her own ‘choices.’ You know this.

      • Do we even KNOW what choices she made? Maybe these azzzes planted the drugs on her and she found out and had proof? We do not know the whole story. She just looks like a naive college kid who is having fun.

        It is terrible that these stories happen. Just shows how The Powers That Be and their plans are backfiring on them because they will kill off the best and leave the worst. This is what happens though when we let EGO rule us.

      • This girl is what happens when you let ego rule. Besides, what is so implausible about this story anyway? You’ve never known any women like her? I’ve known many, too many.

      • VB, why do you ask questions to which you know the answer. I have seen similar scenarios, and similar ‘airs’ from similar girls- and so have you. Yu had mentioned before some girls you knew growing up who would probably personify the exact characteristics as the girl above.

      • Look, I don’t know what the story is with this girl. Cannot judge a book by its cover.

      • Ok fine. She looks like a spoiled brat and she probably would not have given me the time of day. Her parents probably padded her accounts … sad death…. I dunno… hate to hate…. try to be nice but sometimes the hater just comes out.

        There are so many of these little mommied and daddied spoiled brats today. And if you would use a racial
        Slur around them they’d hate u, but coming from me, it’s only cause I have had real experience with DIEVERSITY and it is not pretty.

        Fuck spoiled brats. She should have known better people to score weed et al from.

  3. Gotta say I’m with OH on this one. Undoubtedly the police WERE wrong and just because she allegedly dealt drugs does NOT warrant her murder but ……….I know there’s abductive reasoning I could apply here but only coming up with the duck so I’ll pass.

  4. The burglary over the street may have been done only to cover up this murder.

    “DelVesco was murdered just days before she was due in court to answer for charges she possessed meth, mushrooms, ecstasy and LSD with an intent to distribute.”

    These two guys silenced her so she could not give evidence against them. They also burbt her to make it harder to catch them. they forgot that she may have already named them to police. (Maybe corrupt police tipped them off that this had happened.)
    OTOH she was not convicted so we can not call her a drug dealer.
    Alegged drug dealer maybe.

  5. These Dirt Dudes can do what they want to women, even those who are INNOCENT and probably FRAMED because they know that in the West “white women’s” own men have turned on them due to brainwashing.

    She was young and dumb. She was not evil. We do stupid stuff at age 19 and most get away with it.

    Shame on the haters who do not examine life more closely.

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