An Important Lesson White Nationalists Should Learn from Radical Communism


I’m reading a book review of Communist writer Jodi Dean’s book Crowds and Party. Apparently, all of her writing is bullsh*t, glorifying Communism and Communists.

There are two important things that White Nationalists can learn from her, however. The idea of portraying filthy, degenerate Communists as noble, self-sacrificing heroes is interesting.

Since White Nationalism is a true noble cause, why not mythologize it the way that Jodi Dean mythologizes Communism?


The Party intensified the mundane and grinding tasks of organizing, imbuing members with a sense of history and a purpose, making them, as Dean titles her fourth chapter, “more than many.” Indeed, in Gornick’s book one finds statements that attest to this quite often: “Those years in the Party, they made me a human being. Nothing else ever did, nothing else ever could” (73); or “I was a Communist. And being a Communist made me better than I was” (106).

It’s human nature to want to be better than you really are.

I used to see this expressed openly by my Mexican students. One girl in particular jumps to mind. She was a nondescript, deep brown average looking Latina with at best a 100 IQ. More likely she wasn’t really even that intelligent. Yet she persisted in going to college to become a medical doctor, which would be a disaster for sick people. She wanted to be better than she was.

I saw this type of desire over and over again at the university. The faculty were the same way. Most of them claimed to be among the top faculty in their field. Yet according to the Forbes rankings the University of Texas at San Antonio is the worst university in the country, year in and year out.

Somehow, their liberalism had made them see themselves as better than they were.

White Nationalism is a noble cause. It has made me better than I was, perhaps better than I really am. Our movement ought to be strategizing about how to impart this feeling to the members of our group.

Religion, particularly Christianity, had the same effect: The Church made millions of our European ancestors feel that they were better.

Liberalism does the same thing today, very consciously.

There’s another valuable insight about human nature that allowed Communists to recruit successfully:

When Holm was 10 years-old she got the chance to prove her bravery. Beside her mother on a picket line in Ohio in 1931, the cops rushed in and began beating the striking workers and their supporters:

A big, burly cop ran toward my mother… I took a step forward, stood in front of my mother, stretched myself as high as a short ten-year-old could, and glared defiantly at the oncoming cop. My stomach churned. I started shaking all over. My teeth chattered. The cop slowed down, so I stretched upward a little more and jutted my chin out… The cop stopped, arm still raised, and we locked eyes. We started at each other momentarily, and I was surprised to see a look of shame and then one of pity on his face. He lowered his arm, turned away, and started furiously charging at another women, a friend of my mother’s. (34).

This was, according to Holm, the “test” that she faced after the incident in school. Her young comrade, Leo, outed her for letting her bourgeois teacher puncture the Party sphere. The Party inside of her strengthened, and she strengthened her commitment to the Party. In that moment, faced with the brazen authority of capital and its state, the collectivity of the Young Pioneers asserted itself in the body of 10 year-old Holm. She was more than many.

We may not ever get the chance to prove our bravery, but inside of us we White Nationalists must be encouraged to think of ourselves as CAPABLE OF BRAVERY. This phrase in the passage “more than many” repeats itself in Communist lore. It seems to have a mystical meaning, as if one person’s belief in Communism multiples his strength so that he is the functional equivalent of ten or hundred or even a thousand ordinary mortals.

Conservatives with their focus on lower taxes, school choice, blah, blah, blah offer no spiritual connection to higher values. White Nationalism 1.0 with its focus on IQ and black crimes rates is equally uninspiring.

We need inspiration. While cartoon frogs are great, we can’t stop with that.

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10 thoughts on “An Important Lesson White Nationalists Should Learn from Radical Communism

  1. That was a great piece Paladin, it was inspiring, I will give some thought to what could be inspiring to European Nationalists.

  2. Yes, Christianity does make us ‘more than we are’ , and I might add, Christianity when properly understood is a force for white nationalism. Its plain and in your Bible people – read it for yourself, not what some bought and paid for shill like hagee, Billy Graham, hinn or whatever tells you…

  3. Anyone who wants to see bravery in our cause should read this:

    And we are brave every time we harass a jew or muddy and keep our work at the forefront. I have business cards made up for my site and pass them all over.–&width=521&category=lp&merchant_metadata=B73

    • Tell me more about the how to get business cards made. I talked about doing that 2 years ago.

      As to bravery, I like the idea you expressed about confronting Jews, but I don’t think that gets to what I have in mind. An example of what I think would be brave would be to chain oneself to a Confederate monument scheduled for removal by nog pressure on government. Or going out on a ledge of a building and threatening to jump unless a white nationalist statement is published in the local paper. Both of these would get you arrested for a misdemeanor and sent to a mental hospital for a checkup but who cares?

      Anyway, back to business cards, I would want mine to have the wolf in sheep’s clothing logo and be of reasonably high cardboard stock.

      When my cousin Jimmy (now deceased) who “killed a nigger down in Birmingham” (that’s all I know; everyone who would have known about it is dead; I’m not even sure he did it) had a KKK business card. When a white business owner hired nonwhites his 6 foot 3 inch self would pay them a visit. The card said, “You have just been paid a FRIENDLY visit by the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Have a nice day.” He made no threats but just talked about the need to be racially conscious.

  4. We have a White Nationalist movement, but it’s fractured into groups focusing on different symptoms or acceptance of something lesser. They need one mission, one goal, that most can agree upon.

    For example, at Amren, Taylor focused on the Northwest Front for quite some time. Many readers, mostly Southern, focus on secession.

    What about being inspired by taking the country back? No more Northwest Front, secession, or moving to foreign lands. One mission, one goal, taking OUR country back. Once that is decided, we need a group of brave Whites with specific skills to determine the best way to accomplish that, then implement the plan, making adjustments as they move forward.

    • I like what you say. One other thing is that some of our people are viewed as shills or controlled opposition. I doubt it. Different people can have different interests and opinions on specifics while focusing on the larger goal. Taylor is called out because of his Jew wife. We can argue about whether Jews would be allowed in our country later. For now, let’s just come together and keep proselytizing a simple message about what happens when we’re a minority.

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