The Mounting Evidence That Team Clinton Are Pedophiles


The latest Podesta email dumps by Wikileaks have turned up some strange language in a number of emails.

The sleuths at 4 chan and 8 chan are following up with a serious investigation of the meaning in those emails. There is widespread agreement that Podesta and friends were discussing having sex with children, using disguised language, codes that they understood but hoped others would not.

Key to understanding the pedophile connection is this translation chart, which purports to expose the code words that pedophiles use to communicate with each other.

Since I haven’t been able to find this translation chart elsewhere on the Internet, I assume that Tweeter Jared Wyand put it together after reading though the relevant Podesta emails.

Here is one of the relevant emails in which there is clearly something weird going on:

That circled sentence is especially strange. The writer is clearly signaling in a code that the reader of the email would understand, but would leave no one else the wiser.

Here’s another one. This one refers to Podesta having a hotdog stand in Hawaii.

Here’s another one, which implicates Obama in the sex ring.

The refusal of patriotic FBI agents to follow orders and destroy Clinton aide’s computers as ordered may have something to do with the sex ring since all the business about classified emails and national security had been obtained from them. Those agents knew there was something else going on with Hillary and her aides.

Now, lets consider a bit more. You’ve seen the headline on Drudge that Hillary is considered the “anti-Christ” by the FBI. You can read that story at Zerohedge.

The anti-Christ is the symbol of ultimate evil. The FBI has seen greed. They’ve seen carelessness. Those kinds of crimes would not shock seasoned FBI agents.

But the existence of a Satanic child sex ring, possibly including the murder of innocent children, would shock those tough guys with badges.

I propose to you, ladies and gentleman, that there is strong evidence, possibly including photos and videos, of adult-child sexual activity that involves key Clinton players, and possibly Hillary herself.

This is the only explanation that I can think of for what’s unfolding in front of eyes hour by excruciating hour.

Club 939 is a “gentleman’s club” in Hawaii. Many of the “dancers” have young children who I’m sure they would be willing to pimp out for a nice tip.

Yes, everyone who is seeking the truth is doing God’s work. That includes bloggers, the few honest journalists left, and readers who are skeptical of Hillary Clinton’s character.

Link to True Pundit story on this topic

Link to We Are Change story on the alleged child sex ring

This Alex Jones video talks about the mounting evidence against Hillary Clinton, including the pedophile allegations.

The following Twitter link offers a conspiracy theory that is circulating Friday morning (today). The alleged leak from the FBI states that agents have been called to Washington to begin carrying out raids and arrests. I am skeptical but I do believe in each reader deciding for him or her self.

Link to Twitter Prep for Raids page

This link goes to the 4 chan thread mentioned earlier:

Link to 4 chan Podesta pedophile ring thread

These three Tweets are more evidence that would arouse suspicion of alert law enforcement agencies. Anthony Weiner has allegedly been checked into a sex addiction clinic. I wonder if he’s now in a Federal Witness Protection program. You can bet that freak will sing like a canary to get a reduced sentence on the charges he’s facing. And you can bet he knows most of the story.

This is my second post on this topic in the last 12 hours. Scroll down the homepage for the earlier post, which offered a quick look at evidence that the (((oligarchy))) has prepared us to accept and legalize adult-child sexual relations.

12 thoughts on “The Mounting Evidence That Team Clinton Are Pedophiles

  1. Asian hoe = put man’s need for love me long time before her kids’ needs.

    THAT is Tyranny of the Dick, but hey, these dumb hoez submit to it so fuck them

    • “Tyranny of the Dick” engorges itself here once again.
      You may not have thought of the possibility that some women taking cash for sex are doing so only for their kids benefit?
      If a woman, usually a single mother, has just one man supporting her she is hardly a whore. We should not judge other cultures by Western white values.
      What most (?) western women think is morally wrong is no problem at all for many or most East European or Asian women. The ugly ones and older ones have to work at real and often dirty jobs including plastering walls, the pretty ones know how lucky they are to make easy money while lying down.
      Poor countries have almost no welfare for single mothers who must use whatever skills they have to survive.
      Thees skills include marrying suckers to take them to the West.
      Plenty of young brown men whore themselves out to older white women in poor “paradises”, so I am not sure what tyranny is going on there. Azzzzz you would call it.

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  3. MAP ??? Humph… Another freaking perversion made look good ?? Like fudge pushers are “Gay”?? in a “Loving ” & “Caring” partnership for sodomy ???
    AMERICA & the so called “FREE” Western “DEMOCRACIES” are Sodom & Gomorrah ?

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  5. If Team Clintoris are pedos and poofters, maybe they will win votes and not lose them? How can any person with a TV set knowingly vote against LGBTs, blacks, Jews, women, abortionists, pedos, Muslims, immigrationists, Mexicans, welfare bums, panhandlers, drug dealers, criminals, cop haters, Christ deniers, exporters of US jobs, tax dodgers just to name a few?

    To vote against all of these is anti Semitic, homophobic, Mexiphobic, Coon hating, Muzziphobic, tax paying, law abiding, baby loving, family first, Christian, Nationalist, – maybe a bit Hitlerish.

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