Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by David Duke

david duke quote


10 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by David Duke

  1. David Duke is genuine opposition (my opinion) and names the Jew. He does not get mentioned often here while several Infobores/Jonestown connected guys do, usually Jews.

    • Maybe Paul Joseph Watson and Mark Shouldice keep popping up here, and Milo the poof, because all three are clowns and entertainers. They provide short video soundbites, easily to chew and swallow like fast food.
      David Duke is a serious and wordy guy and it takes time to watch his videos and listen to him. I have to confess I do not visit his site often but I never regret doing so.
      Most people can not be bothered, the attention span of an information consumer these days is about one minute or so.
      Reading is mostly out, it has to be images. In the near future, cartoons will replace books. For educated adults, I mean. School books will be only cartoons plus videos.

      • Mostly, I focus on analyzing current news stories, which PJW and Mark focus on. Milo makes the news. Often, he’s the top story on my Google news feed. Actually, I don’t run much about him anymore, although I like the way he focuses his attention and presence on universities since I worked in higher ed for over 30 years. Anyone who gets even a sliver of truth out into a university is worth my attention.

        David Duke is considered by many WNs to be controlled opposition, compromised by his tax troubles with the government. I doubt it, but if you research it, you’ll find that train of thought.

        I thought I might post a Duke quote every day up until election day since he’s running for the U.S. Senate from Louisiana, my old home state. Duke doesn’t do current news analysis, so I don’t feature him much here.

      • I think the fact that the Government jailed him for “stealing from his supporters” is 99% proof that he is a good man. This is a slur on his characte to alienate anyone thinking of donating money. The leaders of One Nation in Australia were jailed on false charges in the late 1990s – almost the same “crime”. Stealing millions from taxpayers by faking their numbers of genuine party members. The cash was for their huge number of real votes, not party members. The case was a technical one. The Party was contacted first be the electoral office before the election. More than 270 out of 500 were telephoned, the highest random number for any Party in Australian history. Every person telephoned by the Govt confirmed that they were a member. In spite of this the leaders were later jailed and the Party was destroyed,
        Later they were found innocent and quietly released but the damage had been done. The millions of taxpayer dollars the Party earned fair and square for winning votes was kept by the Govt. The case was funded by a small slush fund paid for by BOTH the two major Australian parties, just $200,000 to bribe a witness to perjure himself. This new Party got 10% of the National vote so it was smashed by using the Court system, of Queensland, corruptly.
        Golden Dawn leaders are still in jail in Greece.
        The law could probably be used, or misused, to jail ever politician in the world, bar none.

      • Interesting story. Duke’s defenders note that he was framed. I don’t know about his specific case but I have no doubt that the federal, state, and local governments frame innocent people all the time. And I mean all the time.

      • One or two things bother me about Dr. Duke, but first let me say, I follow his intelligent and cohesive conversations. He is right up there with all our Aryan legends in intellect. He is trustworthy in his research and presentation. He does not stuuter or make inappropriate quips or gestures…..which brings me to that up side down pyramid he makes with his hands. It is an absolute sign of allegiance to TPTB, aka ‘illuminati’, ‘Masons’, ‘Shriners’ and T.V ‘weather forecasters have picked up on it.
        If Dr. Duke is innocently doing this, he should stop it. No one in the western world is ignorant about the middle finger and we all should be aware of those who make this up side down pyramid shape with their hands
        It was purposefully displayed in the 1999 movie ‘MATRIX’ Lawrence Fishbourne, ( Morpheus) blatantly displayed this for Keannu Reeves ( Neo ) to see, but it was for the audience actually. The other illuminati symbols throughout the movie agree that this symbol made by actors, T.V. personalities and politicians is a signal to others. ( like the devil sign: Texas Hookum)

      • I have never made any occult symbol with my hands, fingers, or any other body part. I am very suspicious of those who do. I was unaware that Duke has done these signs. It’s disturbing, but I’m going to go through with my plan to put up Duke quotes until the election. Maybe he’s unaware of the symbolism.

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