Have A Laugh: Guys, Here’s Hope


Not a girlfriend. Actually, I think she looks like him, which would make her his sister. Am I wrong?

6 thoughts on “Have A Laugh: Guys, Here’s Hope

  1. Probably not, girls will get with anything. Not to say she should base all of her decisions on looks, but I’ve seen pretty girls get with some unflattering men, almost as a rule. Hey, at least he is of Euro stock and is probably not inclined towards crime.

    • Locally, in San Antonio, the girls want a big hulky football hero/player type. Some girls will be his #2, #3, etc., while the geeks and nerds have no girl.

      Later, after 2 or children by the hulk, when divorced or abandoned by him, then they will accept a geek if he has the right car, wardrobe, job, income, etc.

      • They should be called out on that, officially, so that the nature of this behavior is generally known. Those that have done so should be branded (not literally) and have it placed upon their ID, or have it come up on their social media. It’s unfair to the nerds, whose brain we need to be reproduced, but also to the ball players, who get spoiled early in life by this behavior and later crash and burn.

  2. Back in school I noticed lots of ladies loved the “wigger” types and the bum/pothead/pill-popper types uber allies. I’d say most of them went for that. Normal, handsome dudes had to really work to get anywhere. Lots of guys started smoking grass just to be noticed and viable. Whatever you think is counter-intuitive- girls are doing it.

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