Disgusting (((Lena Dunham))) Calls for Extermination of White Men in New Video

lena dunham topless

Insane Jewess Lena Dunham, whose followers include tens of thousands of white girls who hate men, especially white men, has pulled many stunts in the past to draw attention to herself, including posting nude photos for some reason I can’t remember. I know I did a post on them at the time. That’s one of them above.

Now, she’s calling for the end of men as men have been known for thousands of years. This crap is only 29 seconds long, but it makes it clear that the death of white men through violent means is on the agenda and out in the open.

lena dunham sick bitch

18 thoughts on “Disgusting (((Lena Dunham))) Calls for Extermination of White Men in New Video

  1. Never heard of this female POS and it’s no surprise at all – Kike again. Her father, although not a Kike is a PERVERT artist. Time to start building giant (multicultural) ovens, just in a case.

      • Paladin: I’m not sure if Jews suffer rates of mental illness, but they make the rest of us suffer just from their Jew spew. I grew up and worked surrounded by jews of the worst kind; the occultist, globalist, israhell first, goy are our cattle tribe.

        I also noticed that many jews were mentally ill, most crazier than sh%thouse rats. It was actually a jew who explained this to me that jews have higher rates of mental illness, allergies, asthma, etc due to their race being so inbred

      • (((Thomas Szasz))) “”The mentally ill do not suffer. They make others suffer”.

        Here is a good one hour Film Nor about the goings on inside a private mental hospital. Crazy doctor, criminal judge in hiding, sane man pretending to be mad to find the judge and get the reward, femmes fatales, Brutal staff. Great stuff and only one hour long.

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