Andrew Breitbart Called Out John Podesta, Suddenly “Drops Dead”

Scroll down from this post on the homepage to view more evidence that evil John Podesta, White House insider and Clinton campaign manager, is a pedophile and Satanist.

Breitbart knew it. That’s why he was murdered, with his murder made to appear to be a heart attack.

Published on youtube November 4, 2016.

Youtube comments:

“What’s in your pocket, John Podesta. Do you want us to play these games? Because we’re playing to win.” Then AB drops dead. Given what we now know about Podesta’s involvement with #SpiritCooking and #ClintonSexCult, I think we should reevaluate the circumstances not only of Andrew Breitbart’s death, but the deaths of Tom Clancy and Justice Scalia, among others. Podesta et al are deeply dark people who need to be destroyed.

Not a Conspiracy Theorist, but in researching the divisions within American Society via primary sources, I was Absolutely, Completely and Utterly Shocked to find an UNDENIABLE Pattern/Coincidence? That the depravity now on display has been orchestrated by a group All seeking destruction of Christianity. All I will say, the group all belong to one faith and philosophy, and they control virtually All Media, Banking Institutions, Educational system and a number even became overnight Billionaires by taking other’s products and making vast fortunes. How many here know Mark Cuban is really Mark Chabenisky!?!? His rise to fame and fortune was almost blueprint for most famous social media sites rise. Do open and honest people change their family name to give the impression they are either something they are not, or to hide what they are? Most honest people so proud of their heritage they do not behave in such a questionable manner! Don’t say more because I and ALL Americans have been “Brainwashed and Manipulated/Programmed via education and reinforced via Hollywood/Media” to feel guilt, revulsion and shame to openly state the obvious facts if and when the connection is made!

7 thoughts on “Andrew Breitbart Called Out John Podesta, Suddenly “Drops Dead”

  1. Here is a great tip I read on IMDB from some SJW that hated the movie “Hating Breitbart”….

    “there was a speaker at a Tea Party convention who was telling people to go on movie sights (sic) and give five-star reviews to all the “conservative” films and one-star reviews to all the “liberal” films.”

    Great idea. Only problem is how to find a Conservative film? Maybe especially we can give the 1 star ratings to those where Coons are the hero police captains and whites the evil ones. Again the problem is that is most or all of the movies made since 1971 or so.

    Goebbels made three movies criticising the Jews, so we can give those all 5 star ratings, I have seen them and they are excellent. Hollywood made 50,000 movies exposing Germans as evil, bad and stupid. So 50,000 1 star ratings coming up. Also Swedes are often the stupid baddies, big tall guys with blond eyes and blond hair. This shows the jealousy and hate of the swarthy, ugly Jew towards tall, fair, handsome Aryans. The Swedes never gassed a single kike, and neither did the Germans.

    • It’s pretty much what I do at the Daily Mail with the down arrows and the up arrows. Also at youtube, etc. We should all do as much of that as possible. When I was selected to be in the Neilson TV ratings, I kept my diary of TV viewing, which was blank. Same idea. Lower ratings means lower ad money for the TV networks.

  2. WTH is going on??? Twitter is exploding, accusing Obama and ChillyHilly of being happy the NYPD sgt killed. I’m staying away from T this w/end. I’ll be blogging on Gammy.

    • “Micro Spooky Leaks” Twitter was suspended. I just did a post on it. He’s been combing through and analyzing all the Wikileaks material. I’ve been away from the computer for a couple of hours. I’ll head over to Twitter and see what’s going on and then check your site.

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