Wealthy (((Investment Banker))) Trying to Un-adopt Child to Avoid Child Support Payments


Muh shekels! Muh Shekels!

Investment banker Robert Roever, pictured above with ex-wife Alicia, is facing spending the holidays in jail for failure to pay child support.

So, how’s he going to earn the money to pay that child support while sitting in a cell with a couple of 800 pound gorillas named Tyrone and Shitavious?

New York Post

A Manhattan investment banker is putting money before love, as he’s gone to court in an attempt to get rid of his adopted 10-year-old son like some kind of toxic asset, The Post has learned.

Robert Roever, president of Capitoline Advisors Manhattan, is trying to un-adopt the boy so he doesn’t have to pay his estranged wife, who is the boy’s biological mother, child support, said the woman’s lawyer, Michael Stutman.

The ex, Alisa Cawley, 44, a Russian-born former model, says Roever has raised the child as his own since the boy was 4 months old, and legally adopted him in 2011.

Cawley had the kid with another guy and Roever initiated legal adoption proceedings in Manhattan Family Court shortly after the couple married.

“It was his idea. He said, ‘I want him to be my son,’ ” Cawley recalled.

“Now he doesn’t want to see him,” Cawley said, accusing Robert of blocking text messages from the boy. “He texts all the time saying, ‘I miss you dad. I want to see you dad.’ ”

Roever, 58, told The Post Wednesday he believes the adoption was a product of “fraud.”

“I feel bad,” he admitted.

But he claims Cawley tricked him into believing she didn’t know who the boy’s biological dad was. On May 6, he filed court papers asking the adoption to be undone.

He also had a friend of the couple sign an affidavit in May saying that Cawley said she was receiving child support from the biological dad. Cawley lawyer Jason Advocate said that was “absolutely untrue,” and was already rejected by the judge.

On Wednesday, Stutman asked Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Lori Sattler to toss Roever in jail for paying only $1,200 or 1.5 percent of court-ordered child support for the last 17 months.

Roever offered Cawley $2,000 and asked the judge to allow him another month to pay the balance, around $20,000.

“You’re not understanding the severity of this particular motion,” the judge said. “They’re asking you to be sent to jail because I have issued an order and you have not complied with that order.”

She gave him until Nov. 22 to come up with the cash — or face spending the holidays in the slammer.

“The only good thing is that when we show up on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving [and Roever doesn’t pay] he’ll be eating turkey courtesy of the City of New York,” Stutman said.

“The only way this man is going to pay any money is when he’s looking at the handcuffs.”

Stutman told Sattler that Roever can afford to pay, noting the financier lives in a Tribeca loft and claimed to make $300,000 a year on his rental application.

Hey guys, this story offers several warnings. You know what they are. Stay away from Russian brides. Never adopt another man’s kid. Trust no one. She’s probably not marrying you for love if there’s a big age difference.

But let me end this post with a question: Should a man in Roever’s position be allowed to undo the adoption? Realize that he’ll only be paying child support until the kid is 18, right? By undoing the adoption, he’ll owe nothing.

What do you think?

20 thoughts on “Wealthy (((Investment Banker))) Trying to Un-adopt Child to Avoid Child Support Payments

  1. You can be on the hook for child support until the kid is 21 if they are in college

    They are trying to extend that to26 to match the obama care thing

    The man is a dumb ass but yes he should be able to unadopt that the kid. Or keep it. It is either his and she has no rights to take his property from him or it is hers and she has full responsibility for her property

  2. Divorce laws need to be drastically changed. Foreign wives need to be unable to extract a single penny. If you split, then split. “But what about the children!!!!” Think about that before plotting your pre-planned divorce rape. No man should marry until the laws change to where no one can extract anything from anyone. Just leave and be done with it. If the kids go to the woman and she can’t pay for them, too bad.

  3. Gonna hafta go ‘against the grain’ here and say ‘no’.
    Yes, the laws in this country are wrong, and a man doesnt stand a chance in any sort of domestic dispute. Yes, we know this was probably a scam from the get go. And jail time is insane for lack of financial support. But first, this guy aint stupid obviously – evil yes/maybe, but not stupid – and he had to know what was up. [or, his ego was such that he really thought a young and apparently horny hottie [as she said she had no idea who the baby daddy was] really dug him that much…] so he took a spin at the wheel. Plus, as I read it, he has had the child and ‘raised’ it as his own for approximately 9 years. He is stuck imnsho.
    naturally the fact that he is a [[[banker]]] has nothing to do with my opinion… 😉


    “Hey guys, this story offers several warnings. You know what they are. Stay away from Russian brides. Never adopt another man’s kid. Trust no one. She’s probably not marrying you for love if there’s a big age difference.” Paladin Wisdom.

    “But he claims Cawley tricked him into believing she didn’t know who the boy’s biological dad was.” So he accepted her as a full on slag who had so many partners without condoms she could not guess which man made her pregnant.

    He should never have legally adopted the boy. He was lucky to get nine years shagging with the young hornbag/retired prozzie, or formerly young I should say. Two years and a day marriage is common, whatever the Green Card number is nowadays. Nine years may mean real love!

    He is 14 years older than her, not a huge gap since he has bundles of cash.

  5. Stupid old man thinks just because the honey is young she is “all dat and a bag of chips”.

    That biache is not much, but hey, stupid old man thought that young poon = hotness. ahahahhahhahahahahah

    Anyway, as the Dutch saying goes “cheap is expensive”. She was probably about me luv u long time up front and then turned the tables.

    A woman who is worth something does no play games, but you will call her bitch. Oh well, most men are dumb.

  6. Women don’t do anything out of love. Which is why heavy soical controls were needed to ensure they stay true to their vows etc.

    Removing those controls, ie feminism has revealed the true nature of women, which has in turn demonstrated why those soical controls were established in the 1st place

    • Women do lots of things out of love. Many tolerate abusive relationships for the safety of their kids. Abusers will often threaten to hurt the kids so women stay out of LOVE for their kids. Again, manipulation.

      You do not know “women”. You have obviously went after the wrong girls.

      A lot of men place unrealistic demands on women. I had one guy want me to move to another country all by myself with my three kids without any job prospects etc. This dude lived with his parents and was poor. Did not have at least an apartment. Not that I did not love the guy, but HELLO, I have to raise three kids and that takes MONEY. I LOVE my kids and they are my PRIORITY. This guy was CLUELESS as to what it takes to raise kids yet he professed to want a family.

      Who knows?

      I work and support my kids. I pay my rent. I access the services I can, but shyte I paid into it them so what?

      Maybe the only way should could get to the States and be with this guy was to marry him. Maybe the only way the son could stay is via adoption.

      It is not divorce laws but STUPID IMMIGRATION laws that fuck things up. Visas etc. Why couldn’t he just sponsor her via a work visa or something? I dunno.

      Anyway, this guy probably put unrealistic expectations on her and he has probably gone thru several women in his life like this.

  7. It ain’t the government’s place to decide any of this anyway. He shouldn’t have to pay a dime if the wife isn’t keeping up her end of things and all child support really has become is Ex- Support a way for the woman to keep tapping the man’s wallet while avoiding all responsibility herself.

    That being said though that guy is stupid and should have known better.

    • Yes he should have got legal advice before adopting the kid, before marrying the prozzie also. Maybe he did and that is why he is thumbing his nose at the law, as Hillary shows by her own example.
      “Greedy man pays twice”.

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