Richard Spencer: Trump–The Napoleon of the Current Year

Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute, a prominent identitarian, White Nationalist, and race realist, analyzes the rise of Donald Trump.

Excerpt from Radix Journal

In the minds of Trump haters, Trump has turned the presidency into the bauble of an eccentric, narcissistic billionaire . . . an asshole of wealth and privilege . . . a man who delights in demeaning women and appealing to the basest instincts of the “poorly educated”, whom he loves . . . a man who aims to transform the American Republic into a surreal, horrifying Wrestlemania . . . a gold-plated fascism, with torchlight parades for the Great Leader, female journalists burned at the steak . . . all the while an appeased Vladimir Putin marches his armies across Europe.

What’s most remarkable, perhaps, about the fever dream of all the Trump haters—which I’ve exaggerated, but only slightly—is its schizoid nature.

For months, we were told, by people from the mainstream Left and Right, Donald Trump is not real: he’s not serious . . . he’s about to drop out . . . his numbers are fake . . . the whole thing’s a vanity project . . . don’t be a sucker.

Then, we were told that Trump is, in fact, all too real: he became a screen upon which his haters projected all their nightmares: White nationalism . . . a resurgent Russia . . . fascism . . . a Big Man who doesn’t listen to the “experts,” “policy wonks” and “neocons” for his ideas, and who would probably dispense with such people if given the chance.

This schizoid reaction—that Trump isn’t real and all too real—is the reaction of someone repressing something, repressing a deep and dark truth.

Trump—the phenomenon, not just the man—has been a very long time coming. For something has been rotten in the state of America for a very long time.

And Trump haters are right about one thing: the phenomenon can only be understood as an expression of White Americans’ growing awareness of their demographic displacement . . . the erosion of their security, power, and influence . . . and the cutting off of their future.

In other words, the Trump phenomenon derives from what could be the called The Great Erasure: former White countries being transformed, humiliated, and ultimately invaded and raped. This is what is happening right now, and it might be the most important historical development of the last 500 years.

The System, you could say, is looking into that place where it dares not look. And it finds Trump there, staring back at it. When or how this phenomenon would arise, as well as who would lead it, nobody knew. But that it would come was inevitable.

Perhaps the most dominating component of “The System” is not its bombs or bureaucrats or police or taxes but its Narrative and Paradigm.

The System is most powerful when it cuts off that something else, that dream of another world and the will to bring it into being. The System, in other words, presents itself as “inevitable,” as everything you could ever want. Far from being brutal or unfeeling, The System has “thought of everything”—it has even thought of the ways in which you will oppose The System.

If you’re a White man filled with angst at your declining income and foreclosed home . . . and the fact that you don’t know your children anymore . . . never fear! You can vote for the greasy televangelist from Texas, named Ted or Jeb or Dubya, and make the “The Constitution” and “freedom” a cozy substitute for your existence.

Or if you’re a young White liberal with 100k in student-loan debt . . . so big can’t even think about getting married and having kids . . . never fear! You can support Bernie (and settle for Hillary) and signal that you’re one of those cool, virtuous, post-White White people . . . one of those who, you know, will get a place at the table in the minority America of 2050 . . . pretty please . . .

The System is its own opposition, its own problem and solution, its own critique and its own redemption. The System endlessly satisfies us . . . and we are endlessly unhappy, always feeling empty. (Even leftists don’t really get what they want.)

The System is, in other words, inevitable.

But something else was always inevitable: Sooner or later, there was going to be a “crack in system” . . . a deep fracture . . . and this wound would not be inflicted on The System from an outside power. It would come from within.

This contradiction would eventually undermine The System . . . would make new things possible . . . things The System’s policemen and high priests were always guarding against and which they believed were no longer imaginable.

Trump was this contradiction . . . that thing that none of us could have predicted . . . but which now seems inevitable.

Not too long ago, the Brietbart writer Milo Yanisagreeklastname, spoke at a college and was, predictably, disrupted and harassed by Black Live Matters groupies. When the Whites in the crowd actually stood up and started to fight back, they chanted “Trump . . . Trump . . . TRUMP!”

This was not mere election-year cheerleading. For we must remember that before the Trump phenomenon, these White people had nothing to chant; they had no call or word that expressed their spirit and soul.

TRUMP has become a killing word. And Trump, maybe despite himself, has become the Napoleon of the Current Year.

trump heroic

12 thoughts on “Richard Spencer: Trump–The Napoleon of the Current Year

  1. napoleon = a rabbi, in the lake of fire, Trump = fast approaching its 200th + counting opposite year in the lake of fire; “the 7th beast, (Matt 25:34) of the book of revelation”. (Matt 25:41) “all liars = Rev 21:8”; roger sayles, and soooooooooooooo many billions of others which chose lying, only!!! FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “the fire is the devils’ only friend, henceforth, forever!!!”

  2. There was a Civil War song that starts “Tramp, tramp, tramp the boys are marching …”. In the aftermath of the Spanish-American War someone wrote a version that started “Damn, damn, damn the Philippino …”.
    So, here’s a new version:

    Trump, Trump, Trump the Right is marching, rise up Patriots we will win.
    Watch the Homeland’s risen wrath cleanse the Clintons from our path
    And restore to us our old beloved home.

  3. “female journalists burned at the steak”. Burned steak is a very serious crime, if the meat is good quality.

    Napoleon is not a great choice as an analogy for Trump. He was never democratically elected and he rose to the top after the former leaders got executed or murdered. Folks like Danton, stabbe in his bath by a mad woman. Robespierre, mass killer of his own revolutionists until he too got his head chopped off, and none too soon. So Napoleon climbed to the top of this rubble. The French revolution was a forerunner of the mass murder by the Jew Bolsheviks in Russia.

    Napoleon crowned himself Emperor which was a ridiculous and contemptuous thing historically. This act was no more valid than the Victoria Cross medal for valor that Field Marshal Idi Amin issued to himself.

    Any person can crown themselves to be anything they want, such as POTUS of the USA. Napoleon showed major disrespect to the Church in doing this. Then he appointed his own relatives as Kings all over Europe. Some revolutionary, libertarian, egalitarian and fraterniser!

    Then he lost militarily and got his arse well and truly kicked by the British, Prussians and Russians at different times. Napoleon had brilliant military victories but he overreached himself, just as Hitler did. He made many good laws which still exist, the Code Napoleon, which Trump will also achieve in his first term.

  4. Hillary is fear. Hillary is the mind-killer. Hillary is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face Hillary and allow her to pass over me and through me. Trump is the killing word. I will vote Trump!

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